2012 COSEE Scientist Engagement Survey

COSEE’s Influence on Scientists’ Professional Practices: Findings from the COSEE Scientist Study by Anderson, Dorph and Kwon, et. al. documents the results of survey data collected from more than 700 scientists who had participated in the Center of Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) programs in one or more of the 15 Centers located nationwide. Results showed that COSEE had a positive impact on participating scientists’ education & outreach, college-level teaching and scientific research. There is evidence that COSEE involvement changed how scientists think about research, shifting toward a focus on more societally relevant questions.

This study contributes to understanding the benefits of COSEE to scientists and the scientific enterprise and provides evidence and support for NSF’s investments in education and outreach. This contribution is three-fold. First, researchers used factor analysis to develop and evaluate a survey instrument, which may be useful in future studies. Second, the scientists who participated in this study provided us with key insights about the ways in which COSEE impacted their professional practices. Third, the study raised questions that are worthy of future investigation.

Executive Summary
Final Report