Call for Vision Papers

Note: the call for Vision Papers has expired. Please click here to see the submitted papers.

The Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) is a national network that integrates ocean sciences research and education ( As its tenth year approaches, the National Science Foundation (NSF) will assess the program’s progress and future direction through a Decadal Review. The review will assess past accomplishments of the Network, its role in the overall landscape of ocean sciences education and outreach, and its strategic vision for capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the field of ocean sciences and related disciplines.

The National COSEE Network is soliciting Vision Papers from a broad cross-section of the research and education communities to serve as input into a community-based strategic vision for the future of this program or a follow-on program. Vision Papers will used to develop the agenda for a Community Meeting to be held on November 3-4, 2010 and will inform a strategic planning document that will be written at the conclusion of the meeting.

Vision Papers should address three key topics: [1] a group’s or individual’s perception of the current role of COSEE in ocean sciences education; [2] their views on future priorities; and [3] specific suggestions for strategic directions that are likely to prove fruitful given the foundation of current COSEE efforts, advances made in the learning sciences and cyberlearning communities, and the research initiatives developing within the ocean sciences community. Specific references to either existing COSEE programs or external programs that can be leveraged by COSEE are encouraged. Anticipated future funding levels for COSEE or a follow-on program are in the $5-10M range.

COSEE encourages a broad range individuals and groups, particularly those who are not currently involved in the National COSEE Network, to submit Vision Papers. A variety of disciplinary expertise is sought, including members of the learning science and ocean science research communities, cyberlearning experts, ocean science educators, and education/outreach specialists at major federally-funded facilities. Representatives of relevant professional societies and those with experience developing, analyzing, or managing national or regional networks are encouraged to submit their ideas on how COSEE, or a follow-on program, might advance our collective interests in the broad dissemination of ocean sciences knowledge and effective practices in ocean science education.

Vision Papers may focus on any topic of relevance to the future of ocean sciences outreach/education, although papers that outline broad, high-priority, and farsighted approaches that engage scientists and educators in effective Broader Impacts efforts are particularly encouraged. For example, Vision Papers could articulate strategies for: capitalizing on advances in ocean sciences, technology, and data acquisition in Broader Impact activities; engaging ocean scientists in the outreach enterprise through the use of social networking tools and multimedia; conveying the nature of ocean science research to the public through virtual research experiences; involving the public in the ocean sciences enterprise through citizen science projects; or facilitating ocean scientists’ Broader Impact activities through a web presence.

  • Vision Papers should be clear, concise, and of general interest, rather than advocacy statements for specific programs or locations.
  • Community Meeting attendance is not required for Vision Paper consideration.
  • Community Meeting invitations are not tied to Vision Paper submissions.
  • Vision Papers are limited to two pages of single-spaced text; include the title, authors, affiliations, and e-mail contact information as a header for each submission.

Vision Papers can be emailed to and are due July 30, 2010. For a copy of this document, click here (Word, 96 KB). Please click here (Word, 36 KB) for the "Community Meeting Announcement".