COSEE Council

The COSEE Council consists of one primary and one alternate representative from each funded Center plus the Executive Director, lead of the National COSEE Office (NCO). Ex Officio members of the Council include National Science Foundation (NSF) COSEE Program Managers, key representatives from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH).

The Council meets on a regular basis to keep abreast of Centers’ progress and work, make decisions for the Network, plan Network activities, strategize on important directions and/or changes for the Network, review and reflect on the impact of the Network work. The Council meets formally approximately three times per year and, between these meeting, communicates monthly via telecon.

The COSEE Council members are:

COSEE Alaska
Member: Michael Castellini (PI)
Alternate: Robin Dublin

COSEE California
Member: Craig Strang (PI)
Alternate: Cheryl Peach

COSEE Florida
Member: Edwin Massey (PI)
Alternate: Sue Cook

COSEE Island Earth
Member: Judy Lemus
Alternate: Flo Thomas

Member: Janice McDonnell (PI)
Alternate: Jim Yoder

COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities
Member: Phil Bell (PI)
Alternate: Susan Bullerdick

Member: Bob Chen (PI)
Alternate: Arthur Eisenkraft

COSEE-Ocean Systems
Member: Annette deCharon (PI)
Alternate: Billy Spitzer

COSEE-Pacific Partnerships
Member: Jan Hodder (PI)
Alternate: Shawn Rowe

COSEE SouthEast
Member: Lundie Spence (PI)
Alternate: Elizabeth Vernon
Non-Voting: Rick DeVoe

Member: Ivar Babb (PI)
Alternate: Melissa Ryan

Member: Linda Duguay (PI)
Alternate: Peggy Fong

Member: Gail Scowcroft (PI)
Alternate: Andrea Gingras
Non-Voting: Catherine Cramer
Non-Voting: Liesl Hotaling

Ex-Officio: Sarah Schoedinger
Ex-Officio: Paula Keener

Ex-Officio: Lisa Rom
Ex-Officio: Michelle Hall

Ex-Officio: Trish Mace