International Conference on Marine Education 2011

Date: October 21-23, 2011
Venue: Qingdao, China
Sponsors: Ocean University of China (OUC), in cooperation with Texas A & M University
Organizer: Research and Evaluation Center of Higher Education, OUC; and International Office, OUC
Theme: Reform and Development in Marine Education

Session Topics

1. New development and trends of marine education

  • Marine knowledge and culture
  • Marine environment and its sustainable development
  • Marine territory and its rights and interests
  • Marine law and regulations
  • Marine-based general science and porpular science
  • Regional ocean policy and blue (marine) economy

2. Educational reform and development in marine-related disciplines

  • Development of marine-related disciplines
  • Modes and methods for training marine professionals
  • Team building for teaching of marine-related disciplines
  • Basic disciplinary building for education of marine-related disciplines

3. The reform and development in cross-disciplinary education of marine-related disciplines

  • Theories and methods for cross-disciplinary education
  • The reform of marine-related cross-disciplinary education and development of marine-related higher education
  • The overlapping and integration between marine science and social sciences

4. Reform and development of universities with strength in marine-related disciplines

  • Comprehensiveness and features
  • Quality and internationalization
  • Orientation and objectives

All of the above topics are included in the sub-session for graduate students.

Organizing Committee

Prof. WU Dexing, President of Ocean University of China
Admiral Smith, Vice President of Texas A & M University

Executive Chairs
Prof. LI Weiran, Vice President of OUC (for teaching and learning)
Prof. LI Huajun, Vice President of OUC (for international relations)

Prof. DAI Hua, Director of International Office, OUC
Dr. SONG Wenhong, Director of Centre of Higher Education Research and Education, OUC
Prof. ZOU Weining, Director of IAMRI Office, OUC
Prof. MA Yong, Deputy Director of Centre of Higher Education Research and Evaluation, OUC
Prof. ZENG Mingyong,, Director of Office for Education Administration, OUC
Prof. FU Gang, Executive Deputy Director of Graduate School, OUC

JI Anxian (00)86-0532-66782633
ZHU Xinhao (00)86-0532-66782537
PENG Cheng (00)86-0532-66782308

Academic Committee
Chair:Prof. Wu Dexing, President of OUC

Members of the Academic Board
Prof. PAN Yingjie, President, Shanghai Ocean University
Prof. MIAO Zhenqing, President, Zhejiang Ocean University
Prof. WU Jiannong, Vice-President, Shanghai Ocean University
Prof. AN Linong, Vice-President, Guangdong Ocean University
Prof. GUAN Changlong, Dean, College of Environmental Oceanography of OUC
Prof. GAO Huiwang, Dean, College of Environmental Science and Engineering of OUC
Prof. XUE Changhu, Dean, College of Food Science and Engineering of OUC
Prof. ZHANG Quanqi, Dean, College of Marine Life Science of OUC
Prof. YANG Guipeng, Dean, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of OUC
Prof. SHI Hongda, Dean, College of Engineering of OUC
Prof. CHEN Ge, Dean, College of Information Science and Engineering of OUC
Prof. LI Qi, Executive Deputy Dean, College of Fisheries of OUC
Prof. XU Xiangmin, Dean, College of Law and Political Science of OUC
Prof. QUAN Xijian, Dean, College of Management of OUC
Prof. XUE Yongwu, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Journalism and Communication of OUC
Prof. YANG Lianrui, Dean, College of Foreign Languages of OUC
Prof. FU Genqing, Deputy Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Journalism and Communication of OUC
Prof. DAI Guilin, Deputy Dean, College of Economics of OUC
Prof. JIANG Wensheng, Deputy Dean, College of Physical and Environmental Oceanography of OUC
Prof. LI Yantuan, Deputy Dean, School of Medicine and Pharmacy of OUC
Prof. HAN Zongzhu, Deputy Dean, College of Marine Geo-science of OUC

Chinese and English simultaneous interpreting service will be available.


All research papers presented during the conference will be included in the Collection of Conference Papers published by the Ocean University of China Press. The collection of papers for this conference will be sent to ISTP (Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings) and ISSHP (Index to Social Sciences & Humanities Proceedings)for references. ISTP and ISSHP provide references for ASII (American Science Information Institute), which collects quality conference materials, including treatises, series of books, preprints and conference papers in journals. This provides comprehensive and multi-disciplinary conference materials, thus becoming one of the criteria taken into consideration when scientific research institutions judge the quality of papers (quality of papers will determine whether they can be included).

Important Dates

20-Jul-11: Deadline for the submission of the abstracts and the receipt of research papers
20-Aug-11: Acceptation notifications of research papers to be issued
20-Sep-11: Deadline for the submission of research papers
21-Oct-11 through 23-Oct-11: International conference to be held at OUC

Requirements for Papers to be Submitted

Research papers written in Chinese or English should be typeset using Microsoft Word and delivered by e-mail. The length of the paper should be five to seven pages. When the paper is received, please follow the requirements to fill out the receipt, and e-mail it back to register and confirm whether the paper has been accepted or not. This conference will not accept any papers sent by mail. The format of the paper should strictly follow the requirements from the example page, or the paper will be rejected. Any nterested contributor must email an abstract of the paper and the receipt to before July 20th, 2010.

For any questions concerning the paper, please contact Mr. Ji Anxian at (00)86-0532-66782633 or Mr. Zhu Xinhao at (00)86-0532-66782537.