Best of COSEE Hands On Activities Now Online - 03.26.2012

COSEE OCEAN recently reached out to COSEE centers to gather each center’s three best hands-on ocean science activities. The response from COSEE centers was tremendous, and COSEE OCEAN used those activities to develop a searchable CD of more than 60 excellent ocean science lessons. Approximately 4,000 copies of the CD were distributed to ocean scientists at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City in February. Several copies were also provided to COSEE China, which intends to translate many of the activities for their own use. The contents of the CD are also available online here. Given the great feedback about the activities to date, COSEE OCEAN is looking into ways to expand the distribution of the material to a wider audience, and is exploring opportunities to expand this project to include additional hands-on ocean science activities that meet the standard of excellence exhibited by the COSEE activities.

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