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Focus On...COSEE Ocean Systems
Waterville Senior High School students pose for a group shot
What's new at COSEE Ocean Systems? Visit the June Center of the Month and find out!
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Screenshot of the new About Us pages
On June 2, Raytheon Web Solutions rolled out the new About Us pages that allow those Centers not on the Content Management System (CMS) to manage information on These pages display link boxes containing news, events, and a list of people in the left sidebar of the Center's main content page. The About Us pages for CMS Centers are similarly formatted to maintain a consistent look and feel across the network (see an example on the About Us page for COSEE Ocean Systems). Eventually these pages will also display Center partners. If your Center is not on the CMS and would like to post news, events, people, and/or About Us content on, please contact Lisa Taylor for access information.

Also new on a change in functionality to allow individuals to align themselves with something other than a Center (such as the CCO). Please see your Center's web administrator or email Lisa Taylor to change your affiliation.
 Tools That Work
Tools That Work The COSEE Excellence in Networking Tools Sub-group (ENTs) invites you to use the Online Tools Guidebook. Created as a resource for the COSEE Network, the Guidebook provides easily accessible information on a wide range of online tools -- for managing, developing, sharing, collaborating, teaching, connecting, discussing, creating, promoting and more! In wiki format. For more information, please contact ENTs co-Chairs Catherine Cramer and Carla Companion.
 Network News
Screenshot of the SEW-G website
Engaging Scientists Case Study Approved Scientist Engagement Working Group (SEW-G) Chair Jessie Kastler is pleased to announce that the first case study has been approved by SEW-G and is now online. The case study features COSEE New England scientist and PI Dr. Bob Chen, exploring his work with COSEE and other Education and Outreach partnerships, as well as his research, and includes multimedia elements and interviews with several of Dr. Chen’s colleagues and students. This case study represents the first in what will ultimately be 13 case studies, produced with funding from NSF under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Visit the Engaging Scientists website. For more information please contact Jessie Kastler.

NEOSEC Receives Funding Founded in 2005 by COSEE New England, the New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (NEOSEC) is a diverse network of more than 40 science- and education-based organizations from across the region focused on building ocean literacy, including museums and aquariums, camps and schools, universities, government entities, and research institutions. NEOSEC is very pleased to report having secured over $600K in grant funding over the next 3 years, including support for core operations and new programs. [more]

Submit Your PD Events to NOAA NOAA has recently developed a new climate data portal, which will include climate education efforts. The COSEE Network is invited to send links to summer Professional Development events that focus on climate change to Peg Steffen for inclusion in the portal listings.

Community Meeting Vision Papers NSF is sponsoring a COSEE Community Meeting in Washington, DC, November 3-4, 2010. In advance of the Community Meeting COSEE is currently soliciting Vision Papers to be used to shape the agenda for the workshop as well as the future priorities, organizational structure, and operations for COSEE. Find out more about the Community Meeting and Vision Papers.
 Central Coordinating Office News
Network Meeting Album Over 70 members of the COSEE Network attended the annual Network meeting in Seattle May 3-7, hosted by COSEE OLC. View the meeting photo album.

Screenshot of COSEE Twitter page
COSEE on Twitter It's been almost a year since COSEE's first Tweet and currently the Network has over 100 followers, including Scripps, NOAA Today Ocean, Smithsonian Ocean Portal, Census of Marine Life, AGU, NSTA and lots of people who have either participated in COSEE events or are interested in COSEE and the oceans. If you have any announcements, upcoming events, cool news, or pictures or links to share please send them to Romy Pizziconi. If you're currently on Twitter, be sure to follow COSEE. COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico also has a Twitter account, follow them here.
 Working Group Updates
Evaluation Working Group How can you speak about collective impacts of the COSEE Network when there are 13 different Centers, each with multiple partners, reaching out to the public in hundreds of different ways? The answer was simple: Collect common data across all Centers. The task, however, was far from simple.

In early 2009, a reconstituted Evaluation Working Group (EWG) tackled the task of collecting common, cross-COSEE data on the many ways in which COSEE brings scientists and educators together to advance ocean sciences education. After a year of almost weekly conference calls dedicated to defining scientists, educators and the activities that COSEE engages in, we launched our first cross-COSEE survey in January 2010. These efforts produced our first set of results this spring and we’re reporting the highlights here. Read the full article.

ENTS Sub-Group The Excellence in Networking Tools Sub-Group (ENTs) invites you to look through and use the Online Tools Guidebook. A second joint call with the Professional Development Ad Hoc Committee is scheduled for June 18, in which ENTs will provide training on recommended tools for successful online learning. The Network is encouraged to propose additional requests for training. Submissions for the Tools That Work collection are also welcome. For more information contact ENTs co-chairs Catherine Cramer and Carla Companion.

Scientist Engagement Working Group After presenting it at the COSEE Network Meeting in Seattle in early May, the first project case study, featuring Dr. Bob Chen (COSEE New England, University of Massachusetts Boston), was approved by the SEW-G. Explore Bob Chen’s case study. Visit the project website to view case studies as they are approved, and view the schedule as progress is made in creating case studies of additional scientists. In April Dr. Rick Keil (COSEE Ocean Learning Systems, University of Washington) was interviewed, and visits to Drs. Crystal Johnson (COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana State University) and Adina Paytan (COSEE California, University of California Santa Barbara) were scheduled. For more information on SEW-G contact Jessie Kastler.

Screenshot of COSEE Ocean Systems' home page
Web Working Group This week's telecon saw the implmentation of the much anticipated About Us pages, which allow those Centers not on the Content Management System (CMS) to post news, events, and people on (see story under New on The WWG also discussed publishing CCO news and information on a CCO-dedicated page, posting links to social networking sites where COSEE maintains a presence (such as Twitter), the layout of upcoming blogs on, and functional changes to the rotating slideshow on Center sites. For more information, contact Annette deCharon, WWG Chair.
 Center News
COSEE Alaska Visit the new Ocean Acidification in Alaska’s Seas resource page.

Join the COSEE Alaska Regional Resource Directory. COSEE Alaska is creating a directory to link scientists seeking outreach and education opportunities with the educators and science outreach and media specialists who are their potential partners. The resource directory will be developed as an online, searchable database (with member access to protect the privacy of email addresses) and published as a hard copy once a year for distribution at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium. [more]

Join SEANET, an informal network of people who communicate about research in Alaska's seas.

COSEE Great Lakes Read the Spring Sweetwater Seascape Newsletter.

COSEE SouthEast The 2010 Ocean Sciences Education Leadership Institute, Seas of Change: Exploring Southeastern Climate Change, will run from June 23-July 1 at NC State (Raleigh) and Trinity Center (Morehead City).

Rick Keil
COSEE Ocean Learning Communities On the evening of May 6 Rick Keil, PI with COSEE OLC, spoke to an audience of over 200 guests in the Seattle Aquarium’s Puget Sound Great Hall, as the featured speaker in the Sound Conversations series. Sound Conversations is a speaker series targeted to the general public as a way to introduce and inform citizens about science and research related to the health of the world’s ocean and marine life. The series format uses an informal interview-like approach to engage the speaker in a conversation about their career, work and interests. Rick spoke about his career path in oceanography and the outreach program Sound Citizen he developed with undergraduate students at the University of Washington. COSEE OLC was a sponsor of this year’s series, which also included Philippe Cousteau and Brady Barr. This event was also attended by members of the COSEE Network who were in town for the annual Network Meeting.

Concept map
COSEE Ocean Systems On June 21, COSEE OS will present a 2-hour workshop at the upcoming biennial conference of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education Research at the University of Maine. Educators and education researchers will learn about the COSEE OS collaborative workshop model Building Educator-Scientist Partnerships through Digital Concept Mapping and try their hand at developing a concept map. Later in the month, COSEE OS will help facilitate the orientation for the Scientist-Educator Partnership program run by COSEE Coastal Trends by using concept mapping to help four member teams (consisting of an undergraduate, graduate student, classroom teacher and research scientist) begin their collaborative efforts.

COSEE West Catch up on the COSEE West blog. A free online workshop Coral Reefs: Moorea, French Polynesia is being held currently, co-produced with the College of Exploration. A Teacher Exchange Workshop will be held in conjunction with COSEE West Colorado Collaborative, June-August 2010. Boulder Colorado Workshop | Los Angeles Workshop
 Ocean Hall Update
Jeremy Jackson Lecture In honor of World Ocean Day, the Smithsonian and COSEE present Brave New Ocean, A Talk by Dr. Jeremy Jackson. Dr. Jackson's lecture will kick off Changing Tides: A Series of Ocean Discussions in which top ocean scientists talk about current research and how it is helping to change the tide in ocean science and conservation. June 8, 6:00 PM. Free and open to the public. A live webcast of Brave New Ocean will be available on the Ocean Portal. Additional ways to celebrate World Ocean Day:

Family Festival, June 5 Sant Ocean Hall, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, free and open to the public.

Savoring Sustainable Seafood Reception, June 11 The Rotunda, National Museum of Natural History, 7:30 PM. Tickets required.

Understanding Sustainability: Discussion and Seafood Breakfast, June 12 Atrium Café and Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History, 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM. Tickets required.

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Workshop, June 13 National Museum of Natural History, lecture: 1:00 PM- 2:00 PM (Baird Auditorium), Workshop: 2:30 - 5:00 pm (Exact Location TBD), free and open to the public.

For more information on these activities, contact Elizabeth Ban.
 COSEE Network Calendar
For the up-to-the-minute list of upcoming COSEE events, visit the Events page.
MATE ROV Competition The Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center’s ROV competition will be held June 24-26 on the Big Island of Hawai’i. The theme of this year’s competition is undersea volcanoes and the role that ROVs play in their science and exploration. Organized by MATE and the Marine Technology Society’s (MTS) ROV Committee, the ROV competition is designed to present middle school, high school, community college, and university students with the same types of challenges that scientists and engineers face when working underwater. Since 2002, student teams from all over the world have been meeting annually to compete, using ROVs that they design and build. [more]
World Ocean Day Poster World Ocean Day is June 8.The Ocean Project invites you to download this poster celebrating World Ocean Day. Feel free to download it from the World Oceans Day website.

Oil Spill Web Portal from Rutgers The Rutgers Coastal Ocean Observation Lab (RUCOOL), along with partners from several federal agencies, companies, universities and non- profits, is developing a portal that will consolidate many data streams to help response efforts. This portal is a team effort and is open to all partners.

Oil Spill Effect on Salt Marshes Video In this 10-min video, Dr. Irv Mendelssohn, Louisiana State University School of the Coast and Environment, describes oil impacts on salt marshes. He describes factors that determine whether the marsh will die and factors to consider when deciding what action, if any, should be taken to decontaminate marshes. This is a must see for anyone who would like to know how to respond when asked what the oil spill will do to salt marshes.

EOL Podcasts Listen to the latest podcasts from the Encyclopedia of Life, on tube worms and dinoflagellates.

NOAA Climate Portal NOAA’s new climate data portal includes resources for teaching, professional development, and multimedia.

Carbon Cycle Forum A group of scientists have created a web forum open for the discussion of the global carbon cycle and its relation to climate variability and change, human and ecological impacts.

NLD Website From NSF The National Science Foundation has launched a website in support of National Lab Day.

Ocean Acidification Guide The Guide to Best Practices in Ocean Acidification Research and Data Reporting is now online and ready for printing. The PDF version of the whole guide as well as each separate chapter are available for download at the EPOCA website (login required).
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 COSEE Centers and Council Representatives
COSEE Alaska (Nora Deans, North Pacific Research Board)
COSEE California (Craig Strang, UC Berkeley)
COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico (Sharon Walker, Institute for Marine Mammal Studies)
COSEE Coastal Trends (Laura Murray, U of Maryland Center for Environmental Science)
COSEE Great Lakes (Rosanne Fortner, Ohio State University)
COSEE NOW (Janice McDonnell, Rutgers University)
COSEE New England (Billy Spitzer, New England Aquarium)
COSEE Ocean Learning Communities (Phil Bell, University of Washington)
COSEE Ocean Systems (Annette deCharon, Darling Marine Center, University of Maine)
COSEE Pacific Partnerships (Jan Hodder, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology)
COSEE SouthEast (Lundie Spence, South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium)
COSEE West (Linda Duguay, University of Southern California)