SACNAS National Conference
October 15 -18, 2009
Dallas, Texas

SACNAS photo
The COSEE Network had a significant presence at the 2009 SACNAS Conference.

Ocean Science Symposium

In collaboration with SACNAS, the COSEE Network co-sponsored an ocean science symposium, Sustainable Seas: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Conservation and Management of Ocean Resources, during which scientists reported on interdisciplinary research aimed at mediating human impacts and adopting sustainable use practices in marine ecosystems. The session structure included a presentation from the scientists followed by an opportunity for audience questions.

The booth was staffed by Central Coordinating Office staff. Staff greeted passersby and engaged them in conversation to better understand subjects represented by the professors, teachers and students and where they are located. Based on the information gathered, booth staff attempted to connect attendees with COSEE Centers located near their homes. In cases when that was not feasible, we tried to offer the most productive solutions.

The following print materials were available for teachers in the COSEE Booth:

  • COSEE Center one page profiles
  • Materials from individual COSEE Centers
  • EPO Guide for Scientists
  • Discovery of Sounds in the Sea CD and print material
  • COSEE Ocean Systems recent TOS publication Physical Oceanography Activities for the High School Classroom
  • Opportunities and funding/scholarships/fellowships available through the COSEE Centers and related higher education institutions for undergraduate and graduate students
  • COSEE branded giveaways (magnetic clips, pens and post-its)
COSEE booth
An attempt was made to track the number of people who stopped by the booth and the number of people engaged in conversations about the COSEE Network. The team engaged with over 150 professors, teachers and students in one-on-one conversations. Several high school and undergraduate teachers indicated that they would use the physical oceanography activities in their classes. Students were extremely interested in internships and research experience opportunities.

Future Plans for COSEE at SACNAS

The COSEE Network plans to maintain a presence at the SACNAS conference for at least two more years (SACNAS 2010 in Anaheim and SACNAS 2011 in San Jose). We will continue to exhibit in the exhibit hall and propose sessions focused on ocean sciences content and opportunities for student attendees to interface with practicing ocean scientists.