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 Presentation at the COSEE Florida Boot Camp
In an effort to help Florida's ocean scientists communicate and present scientific concepts and research findings more effectively to both scientific and non-scientific/non-technical audiences, COSEE Florida sponsors Presentation Boot Camps (PBCs) throughout the year at regional locations across the state. Ocean scientists, including junior and senior researchers, college and university faculty, post-docs, and graduate students, are encouraged to participate.

During the intensive two-day workshop, the Presentation Boot Camp: Basic Training provides training in planning and preparing presentations that communicates messages more clearly and effectively and has a lasting impact on the audience. Topics include: knowing and identifying the needs of the audience, highlighting big ideas and take-home messages, decoding complex concepts with diagrams, and displaying data in meaningful ways. You'll also receive training in the use and application of the Presentation Skills Protocol for Scientists (2PS), a protocol for evaluating the effectiveness of scientific presentations.

The Presentation Boot Camp: Advanced Training provides PBC graduates with more individualized feedback and advanced training in presenting science concepts and discoveries to a variety of audiences. This intensive two-day workshop builds upon the topics and approaches covered in the PBC: Basic Training and provides opportunities for you to expand and practice your critique language and hone your presentation evaluation and design skills. Participants will receive individualized feedback on their presentation skills using the 2PS, applying sound design principles to create more engaging and effective presentations, transforming wordy and dense slides to convey complex concepts clearly, and creating graphs, tables and other data displays that are easy for audiences to follow and interpret.

There is no charge for the PBCs, but attendees are expected to cover the cost of transportation and lodging. Attendance at both days of the workshops is required.

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