Research Educator Exchange Forum

Research Educator Exchange Forum (REEF): A Results-Drived Model for Improving the Broader Impact of Ocean Sciences Research

Program Description
 Workshop participants
COSEE SouthEast piloted and evaluated five Research Educator Exchange Forums (REEF). The primary purpose of REEF is to provide professional development and establish communities of practice (CoPs) composed of scientists, educators and communication professionals who share the common goal of broadly disseminating ocean science research.

Following a two-day workshops, the CoPs developed and delivered outreach programs at local informal science education (ISE) facilities. Thirty-six outreach events have been held, including public programs; activities at summer camp sessions and family nights; salt marsh excursions for pre-service teachers; creation of a “traveling trunk” for the ISE; review sessions for end-of-course tests; and evening events with additional scientists, designed to share research and educational activities with local educators. Participating scientists report that their positive experiences will influence their thoughts on preparing “broader impacts” statements in future grant proposals.

Research Educator Exchange Forum
Beyond the Choir: Scientists Tune in More Students
Meeting of the Minds: Scientists and Teachers Connect

COSEE Center
COSEE SouthEast assists the COSEE Network with broader impact needs, outreach strategies, and increased efficacy in communicating ocean sciences.

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Carrie Thomas
 Carrie Thomas
 Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
 North Carolina State University