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COSEE California has been a leader in the Ocean Literacy Campaign, a wide-ranging, collaborative, and de-centralized effort by scientists and educators to build a more ocean literate society since 2002. Ocean literacy is an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean. An ocean-literate person:
  • Understands the essential principles and fundamental concepts about the functioning of the ocean.
  • Can communicate about the ocean in a meaningful way.
  • Is able to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and its resources.

The Ocean Literacy Framework is integral to the Ocean Literacy Campaign. The Framework provides formal and informal educators and curriculum and program developers with a "roadmap" that helps them build coherent and conceptually sound learning experiences for K-12 students. The Ocean Literacy Framework, a massive collaborative and iterative undertaking involving hundreds of dedicated scientists and educators, is comprised of two consensus documents:

  • Ocean Literacy: The Essential Principles of Ocean Sciences K-12
  • Ocean Literacy Scope and Sequence for Grades K-12
Ocean Literacy Website
Curriculum for Ocean Literacy
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COSEE Center
The goal of COSEE California is to connect ocean scientists and educators to promote ocean literacy nationwide. COSEE California develops tools, programs, and courses that are in widespread use throughout the National COSEE Network.

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