Sparking 3rd-5th Grade Interests in STEM
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Program Description
COSEE Southeast has adapted popular buoy and remotely operated vehicle activities designed for middle and high school grades for use in elementary grade classrooms and clubs. eBOBs, or elementary basic observation buoys, are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) buoyant frames equipped with weather monitoring devices. ROVes, or Remotely Operated Vehicles for elementary students, are motorized PVC frames outfitted with thrusters and gear to complete mock missions.

The programs were piloted in South Carolina and Georgia with most including professional development and follow-on coaching for teachers adopting the curricula. The eBOB pilot reached 815 3rd-5th grade students and 63 teachers. ROVes were piloted with 425 students and 39 teachers. The eBOB and ROVes curricula and guides include discussions of form and function of equipment, introductory activities on stability and buoyancy, instructions for classroom construction, tips on encouraging critical thinking and problem solving during design and deployment, and suggestions for integrating real-time buoy data. Formative feedback from teachers was instrumental in the final curricular design.

eBOB Guide

COSEE Center
COSEE SouthEast assists the COSEE Network with broader impact needs, outreach strategies, and increased efficacy in communicating ocean sciences.

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 Angela Bliss
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