All Things Marine Radio

Program Description
All Things Marine Radio is a monthly segment on marine science and conservation aired on talk radio show Hawaii's Tomorrow 760 AM. Sponsored by COSEE Island Earth, ATM is hosted by Carlie Wiener "the marine science gal", and program manager for COSEE Island Earth. Interviews with students and faculty from University of Hawaii and Federal partners in marine sciences and management give local listeners a view into the issues and research currently being conducted at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and elsewhere in the Hawaiian Islands. The program has been running since May 2012 to share and educate about marine issues in the Hawaiian Islands. Podcasts can be downloaded here and requests for disks can be made to Carlie Wiener.

COSEE Center
COSEE Island Earth is a collaborative initiative among university, government, research, and community partners to improve connections between scientists and educators, inform ocean science educational practices, and enhance ocean literacy in Hawaii.

Contact Information
Carlie Wiener
 Carlie Wiener
 Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
 University of Hawaii