Ocean Gazing Podcasts
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Program Description
The Ocean Gazing Podcasts, hosted by Ari Daniel Shapiro, brings science and scientists to the public by capturing the personal stories of scientists and their work, while assisting in teaching the nature and process of science.

The aim is to provide scientists with a forum for telling their stories about ocean observing science and the broader impacts that science is having on people beyond academic institutions. In each episode, Ocean Gazing integrates interviews, ambient sounds gathered in the field and the lab, music, and audio recordings from listeners (from children to adults). Additionally, to make the podcasts more relevant to classrooms, all 50 podcast episodes were matched to classroom lesson plans and placed CD-ROM entitled Ocean Gazing: Volume 1 and 2.

COSEE NOW has produced and posted more then 50 unique episodes. These podcasts are advertised and promoted through the use of a website (, Facebook page, iTunes presence, and links from other university and research group websites. Feedback and comments from listeners have helped shape the format of the podcasts and has even provided the content for subsequent podcasts. Meanwhile, the scientists involved have said they enjoy participating in the podcast as a mechanism for making their science accessible and promoting the work they do in an engaging and accurate manner.

COSEE Center
COSEE NOW is an online network of scientists and educators focused on increasing ocean literacy and fostering collaborations.

Contact Information
Janice McDonnell
 Janice McDonnell
 Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
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