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07/27/2011 | Catherine Cramer, (OCEAN)
Tags: networking, networks, MSP, Noyce
A participant in last year's COSEE OCEAN session on using networks to communicate, held at the MSP conference, had some significant effects on a participant. He wrote to PI Bob Chen to let him know, and to also propose developing a new network.....  MORE >>

01/21/2011 | Catherine Cramer, (OCEAN)
Tags: COSEE OCEAN, MSP, network
COSEE OCEAN will sponsor a Special Interest Group on Ocean and Environmental Education as part of the NSF Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Learning Network Conference When: Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 9:00-10:00 am Where: Renaissance Hotel, Main Ballroom (999 9th St, NW, Washington DC) Who: Anyone connected to COSEE & Anyone in the MSP Learning Network Why: Make connections and share resources and experiences in Ocean and Environmental Education  MORE >>

12/17/2010 | Catherine Cramer, (OCEAN)
Tags: AGU, leadership, conferences, network
Strategies for Effective Education and Public Outreach: Climbing the Ladder of Scientist Success Please join us for an active lunchtime discussion of how to enhance your networking, teaching, and professional skills. Representatives from the COSEE Networked Ocean World, COSEE Ocean Systems, COSEE California, and COSEE Ocean Communities in Education And social Networks will engage you in leadership development activities designed to help scientists maximize the impacts of their work.  MORE >>

12/08/2010 | Catherine Cramer, (OCEAN)
Tags: AGU, leadership, conferences, network
The COSEE Network will be presenting a Town Hall lunchtime session at the AGU Fall 2010 meeting in San Fransisco. The session will take place Wednesday December 15 from 12:30-1:30.  MORE >>

12/06/2010 | Catherine Cramer, (OCEAN)
Tags: network science, COSEE OCEAN, ASLO, collaboration, workshop
COSEE OCEAN and the CCO present Understanding and Using Network Science for Better Collaboration, an all-day workshop taking place on Sunday, February 13, during the ASLO conference in Puerto Rico.  MORE >>

10/27/2010 | Catherine Cramer, (OCEAN)
Tags: COSEE OCEAN, networks, network science, visualization, data
COSEE OCEAN members Bob Chen, Carol Baldassari and Catherine Cramer recently attended Connecting the Dots, an all-day symposium on Network Visualization.  MORE >>

10/19/2010 | Catherine Cramer, (OCEAN)
Tags: COSEE OCEAN, networks, network science
COSEE Ocean Communities in Education And social Networks (OCEAN) will be using and building networks as we develop our Center programs and activities. One of our first tasks is to learn all we can about how networks work. We thought we might bring the COSEE Network along as we learn.  MORE >>