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COSEE-TEK Teacher Technology Experience: A Catalyst for Learning and Communicating Ocean Science and Technology
 Workshop activity
The goal of COSEE-TEK is to improve ocean science education by highlighting the enabling role of technology and engineering in the ocean sciences and develop technology derived education and outreach resources to catalyze learning and communication of STEM topics for teachers, students, scientists, and the public. Educational resources illustrate the evolution of oceanographic technologies into complex integrated systems capable of addressing broader spatial and temporal scales.

Three Teacher Technology Experiences (TTE) and a Teacher Ocean Technology Institute (TOTI) were held in 2011. The TTE’s built teams of formal and informal educators working with scientists, graduate/undergraduate students and technicians from the University of Connecticut’s Department of Marine Sciences. The goals of the TTE’s were to improve educators’ technology content knowledge, heighten scientists’ awareness of the challenges of science education and outreach and broaden the impacts of researchers' science and technology by web-based educational resources.

Evaluation results show a positive impact on both educators and scientist participants, including bringing scientific research into the classroom or informal venue, positive impacts on scientists’ view of education and ability to deliver quality broader impacts.

Presented by Ivar Babb, Diana Payne, Lauren Rader, Kelly Matis, and Michael McKee at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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