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What Has COSEE Meant for Our Science and Careers?
COSEE NOW has provided a resource to utilize real time data (RTD) in their broader impact efforts. Reviewing past efforts, we show how COSEE NOW has improved all three criteria that we are judged for academic promotion, research, education and service.

Using resources from COSEE NOW, we have been able to improve our ability to incorporate RTD into our narratives, better gauge and frame material appropriate for the audience, develop more effective teaching practices, and have been provided a suite of different resources that have greatly expanded our broader outreach efforts. Some of the resources that have been helpful include pod-casts, audio slide shows, community blog spots, and a portal to a library of effective online resources. We will review our experience of using real-time data and will comment upon which tools we see as becoming increasingly important to our lab in the coming years.

Presented by Oscar Schofield, Josh Kohut, and Scott Glenn at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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