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Podcasting the Ocean
Category: COSEE Conference Resources, Ocean Sciences 2010
Resource Type: PDF
Date Posted: 03/03/2010
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The Ocean Gazing podcast is one of COSEE NOW’s primary educational outreach tools. The aim is to provide scientists with a forum for telling their stories about ocean observing science and the broader impacts that science is having on people beyond academic institutions.

In each biweekly episode, Ocean Gazing integrates interviews, ambient sounds gathered in the field and the lab, music, audio recordings from listeners (from children to adults), and the unveiling of a mystery sound. The scientists have said they enjoy participating in the podcast as a mechanism for making their science accessible and promoting the work they do in an engaging and accurate manner. We have between 300 and 400 downloads for each episode, and we are actively promoting Ocean Gazing on Facebook. We've created CDs containing the first 26 episodes and high school curriculum companion pieces for a handful of the podcasts. These are being distributed to scientists and educators.

Presented by: Ari Daniel Shapiro, Janice D. McDonnell, C. Sage Lichtenwalner, and James A. Yoder
2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, OR

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