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Developing Successful Online Workshop Models
Category: COSEE Conference Resources, Ocean Sciences 2010
Resource Type: Poster
Date Posted: 03/03/2010
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COSEE West conducted online workshops to disseminate ocean science content to larger audiences than could be reached using in-person activities. Teachers and educators not served by a COSEE Center could be reached through distance learning. Three different online workshop models were created. A base model had online presentations by scientists, with scientists available to answer participants’ questions online. A professor model had scientists presenting ocean science content during an undergraduate course, followed by an online workshop in which undergraduates served as mentors for ocean science content (supervised by the professor and graduate students) and teacher leaders served as pedagogy mentors to educator participants. An undergraduate field research model built upon the professor model: scientists presented ocean science content to undergraduate students during a field research course, followed by an online workshop in which undergraduates conducted field research a nd exchanged findings online with participants. Participants also had an opportunity to observe field research being conducted.

Data indicates that scientists, students, teachers, and educators all benefited from these online workshops in their roles as participants and mentors. These online workshop models can also be successfully transferred to other institutions.

Presented by: Linda Duguay, Peggy Fong, Peter Tuddenham, Gwen Noda, Lynn Whitley, Jane Lee, Linda Chilton, and Patricia Kwon - 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, OR

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