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COSEE West: Swim Through One Day Professional Development Educator Workshop Model
Category: COSEE Conference Resources, Ocean Sciences 2010
Resource Type: Poster
Date Posted: 03/03/2010
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COSEE West and other COSEE Centers have conducted a variety of education outreach activities, including one day professional development workshops with scientists and educators. Although the literature indicates limited benefits of one day professional development workshops for implementation of science content in the classroom, there are other benefits to these workshops. One day workshops enable scientists and educators with time constraints to participate in professional development. Educators are able to learn content and hands-on curricula quickly on a particular topic. One day workshops allow Centers to host a series of workshops so that a wide range of scientific topics can be covered. One day workshops are easier for the Center's informal science education centers to coordinate with their existing public education outreach offerings, and thus successfully increase ocean sciences education outreach for the general public.

COSEE West has successfully incorporated these benefits in hosting their series of one day lectures and workshops. Data from scientists, educators, and students demonstrate that ocean science content learned from these workshops has been used in the classroom, science competitions, and other education outreach programs.

Presented by: Linda Duguay, Peggy Fong, Peter Tuddenham, Gwen Noda, Lynn Whitley, Jane Lee, Linda Chilton, and Patricia Kwon - 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, OR

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