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An Outreach Case Study on Coastal Engineering and Marine Renewables
 Students at sea
In this contribution we present activities done with final year high school students introducing them to coastal engineering and marine renewables. These activities take place within a day and involve around 30 pupils from around the UK who have been selected to participate in the Headstart Programme.

The Coastal Engineering Research Group at Plymouth University, has been running for the past three years a one-day workshop including: introduction to marine renewables lecture, hands-on marine renewable prototype development and testing, keynote lecture on coastal processes and structures, and an afternoon boat visit to the Plymouth Sound and the Plymouth breakwater. The marine renewable prototypes the pupils design, build and test during workshop are a Heave device, an Oscillating Water Column device, and a Tidal Energy device. The programme is extremely popular and has resulted in several participants choosing to come to Plymouth University for their undergraduate degree.

Presentation by V. Magar, D.M. Greaves, D.J. Simmonds, A.C. Raby, and S. Pan at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT

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