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AUV Research and Education in the Ross Sea: A Broader Impacts Evaluation Report
Rutgers University and Liberty Science Center partnered on the broader impacts of an NSF Antarctic Sciences Division funded mission. Ross Sea Connection, which ran from the summer of 2010 to May 2011, connected mission scientists with 25 middle- and high-school earth science teachers and students who were thousands of miles apart. The project’s evaluation was designed to determine the success in bringing together scientists and educators to improve science education. All teacher participants were asked to complete a pre-survey before the project, daily surveys during the summer training session, a fall follow-up survey on their readiness for live calls from the Ross Sea, and a final interview or survey on the project’s impact on them and their students.

This presentation by the project evaluator offers a summary of the major evaluation findings. The results showed not only the professional development of teachers and education of students, but also the development of a relationship that teachers and students felt they had with the scientists and the science — this became their research project.

Presented by Chris Parsons, Josh Kohut, Sage Lichtenwalner, Janice McDonnell, Kate Florio, Katie Gardner, and Harold Clark at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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