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COSEE-West Online Workshops: Helping Scientists Bring their Research to Broader Audiences
Scientists can bring their research to a broader audience through online workshops. COSEE-West’s online workshops focus on bridging ocean science research and education and promoting collaborations among ocean scientists, K-12 teachers and informal educators. They provide a venue for scientists to share their research and expertise with educators, who reach an even broader audience of students and public. Educators question, give feedback, and share expertise in classroom application of science.

COSEE-West has developed various online workshop models and been innovative in bringing new aspects to models while maintaining core characteristic of individual connection to scientists and their research content in real-time or near real-time. Using cutting edge science presentations, virtual field trips, undergraduate research, webcasting, and live broadcasts, we are building ways to reach out to wider and diverse audiences with a global geographic scope.

Evaluation results indicate these workshop models provide tangible benefits to scientists in conducting science education outreach such as increasing understanding of science, presenting relevance of research, and assisting in policy making. Success of these online workshop models supports their use by other programs and institutions.

Presented by L.N. Whitley, P. Tuddenham, T. Bishop, L. Duguay, P. Fong, R. Kennison, P. Harcourt, L. Chilton, and P. Kwon at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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