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The Broad-Spectrum Benefits of Research Partnerships Between Teachers and Marine Scientists
 Scientist and teacher
Fostering partnerships between scientists and pre-college classrooms is a win-win scenario for both sides! Developing experiences in authentic research not only impacts the teacher and her students, but also has the potential to change thinking in the community. Co-authors Yager and Garay originally met through the PolarTrec program. Now in their 4th year of working together, the partnership has grown from co-authoring a classroom activity to developing a tri-state global ocean project that connects coastal students in Texas, Georgia, and Alaska!

Partnerships like this expand the teacher/student’s knowledge base and gives depth to learning by bridging the gap between real-time research and classroom studies. The direct, personal relationship allows students to see scientists as real people facing real challenges in their work, and brings attention to different career disciplines and new technologies. For teachers, scientists provide background for new concepts and technical knowledge of equipment and procedures, as well as a stimulating exchange of ideas that meets STEM objectives. The scientist benefits from the educational outreach developed from their work, giving exposure to timely scientific topics.

Presented by L.V. Garay and P. Yager at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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