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The 3-Minute Solution: Communicating Your Research In Short, Effective Videos
Category: COSEE Conference Resources
Resource Type: Powerpoint Presentation
Date Posted: 04/10/2012
Filming a video
The fact that changes are occurring in the ocean provides both a unique opportunity and urgent need for ocean and coastal scientists to communicate their research to a broad audience. Some of these changes affect us in our daily lives - more intense hurricanes, drought, dead zones, depleted fisheries – making the connection to research more obvious. Connections to daily life mean more people are more concerned, yet that places additional pressure on ocean scientists to be able to communicate effectively.

With the rise of YouTube and other online outlets, short videos have become a part of the daily information stream for students, educators, and citizens. Video has been used effectively in a variety of settings, and we will offer examples: online teaching, aquarium kiosks, live broadcasts from research cruises, educational websites, audio slideshows. But making an effective video is not as simple as turning on the camera. We will present the COSEE OCEAN template: how to produce an engaging video, featuring a scientist communicating their research clearly, that will capture the attention of a broad audience in under three minutes.

Presented by C.B. Cramer, A. Griswold, A.D. Shapiro, K. Uiterwyk, and R.F. Chen at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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