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Ocean Networks Canada Observatory: Encouraging National and International Marine Science Education Initiatives

Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) Observatory, comprised of VENUS and NEPTUNE Canada cabled networks, supports transformative science in coastal and deep sea ecosystems. It enables interactive experiments focused on ocean health, energy resources, natural hazards, and marine conservation for international research collaborations. Undersea data is collected in real-time, including continuous ocean property data, video footage and acoustic clips. Scientists, educators, students and the general public world-wide have access to the data online through websites, social media and ONC’s Oceans 2.0 real-time-data tools.

To effectively engage our broad audiences, ONC’s strategy is to form partnerships and collaborate with like-minded organizations to distribute marine science and technology knowledge in a “rippleeffect’’. ONC has successfully partnered with well-recognized organizations, collaborating on workshops, student symposiums, public engagement and university initiatives. Increasing global ocean literacy through international collaboration with scientists, educators and organizations is imperative. ONC foresees fostering further international collaboration through videoconferencing, data comparison, and possibly building its website into an ocean science education portal.

Presented by Rick Searle, Manager, Natasha Ewing, Ellyn Davidson, and Virginia Keast at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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