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The Research Experience for Preservice Teachers Program in COSEE Florida: 2011 Results for Ocean Scientists
 Ocean research
A focus of COSEE Florida is establishing opportunities for ocean scientists and preservice science middle grade teachers to work together on ocean science research projects. The Research Experience for Preservice Teachers (REPT) Program was launched in 2011 as a summer research experience for six preservice teachers and scientist mentor teams.

Evaluation of the REPT cohort experiences examine the extent to which (1) preservice teachers increased their understanding of the nature of science, science research, and the scientific enterprise, and (2) members of the ocean scientist mentor teams sharpened their mentoring and research team management skills while increasing their appreciation for and commitment to engaging with non-major undergraduates. The evaluation also looks at the sustained engagement of the scientist mentors in education outreach, the core features of the REPT Program linked with the outcomes for participants, and comparisons of results with REPT-type programs targeting science major vs. non-major undergraduates.

Presented by Patti Bourexis and Brenda Cetrulo at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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