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Virtual Tools to Aid Scientists in Developing Broader Impact Projects
 Research facility
COSEE NOW is dedicated to supporting ocean scientists in successfully communicating the broader impacts (BI) of their research. We have created a suite of new online resources for scientists, which compliments and enhances our existing social networking portal that brings together researchers and educators from the ocean science community.

The “BI Assistant” provides a user interface that guides users through a series of well-defined steps necessary for the construction and implementation of a broader impact statement required in research proposals. The site also features a collection of resources that provides guidance on selecting potential audiences, identifying appropriate collaborators, and developing activities that achieve broader impacts. Case studies highlighting high quality education and public outreach (EPO) projects are included to offer scientists effective strategies for integrating the intellectual merit and broader impacts components of their research. The consolidation of these features into one online environment encourages interdisciplinary sharing of expertise and resources, which consequently enhances the quality of EPO products and promotes dissemination of scientific research.

Presented by Carrie Ferraro, Liesl Hotaling, Janice McDonnell, Sage Lichtenwalner, Jim Yoder, Ari Daniel Shapiro, and Chris Parsons at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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