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Using Scientists' Research Interest To Drive Teacher Professional Development Workshops
Category: COSEE Conference Resources, Ocean Sciences 2012, For Educators
Resource Type: Powerpoint Presentation
Date Posted: 02/21/2013
 Teacher field trip
COSEE West – Colorado Collaborative is a partnership that focuses on making ocean sciences relevant to inland audiences; it also exposes teachers from the interior Southwest and Southern California to ocean-climate-related issues faced by each.

A different theme is chosen annually for a workshop series based on the research interests of scientists located within Colorado’s Front Range. Unique features of the partnership include the use of videoconferencing to broadcast two Saturday half-day workshops to COSEE West and rural Colorado teachers, and a teacher exchange program to attend each partner’s Summer Institute. Once a topic is chosen, scientists are recruited and trained to work with teachers.

Evaluation of the scientist training indicates that participants find it valuable to help them prepare for their lectures and interactions with teachers. Post-workshop evaluations demonstrate that the scientists enjoy the workshop experience and would like to continue to work with this program. Teachers consistently rank the scientist lectures as a highlight of each workshop, which also includes activities, field trips, and discussions.

Presented by Lesley Smith, Susan Lynds, Susan Buhr, Linda Duguay, Pat Harcourt and Patricia Kwon at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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