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Great Lakes Instructional Materials for the Changing Earth System
Category: For Educators
Resource Type: Link
Date Posted: 01/13/2009

GLIMCES provides a packet of scientific scenarios of how global warming could affect the Great Lakes region, a review of climate models, and methods of teaching about those changes in secondary science and social studies classes.

  • 200 Pages of classroom-ready activities
  • 40 Activities on topics related to global warming
  • Scenarios about the impact of global change on ten Great Lakes enterprises and issues
  • Earth Systems orientation - interdisciplinary, systems approach
  • Innovative techniques for instruction
  • Linkages to Benchmarks and National Science Education Standards
  • Applications of the internet and standard classroom technologies

All activities are tested in classrooms, reviewed by scientists, and matched to existing curriculum restructure efforts. Global change is an ideal issue for building inquiry skills, data search capabilities, and cooperative decisionmaking.

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