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Scientist-Educator Partnerships to Enhance Rural Ocean Literacy
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Since 2005, COSEE-OS has been creating & testing models of collaboration, particularly with respect to reaching rural and inland audiences, engaging ocean researchers, and creating transferable activities for classroom education. In this presentation, we:

  • Summarize strides made by COSEE-OS in reaching rural and inland audiences.
  • Describe how COSEE-OS has increased the capacity of scientists to efficiently translate their research into compelling and relevant content for various audiences by helping them deconstruct knowledge into concepts for construction of concept maps.
  • Conduct two transferable activities, one from our recent publication "Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach" entitled "Effects of Temperature & Salinity on Density & Stratification" and one based on two Science Daily articles illustrating transferability between ocean science content and standard physical science and terrestrial ecological concepts. For more information on this presentation, including links to videos played during the lecture, visit here.

Presented by: Annette deCharon, Medea H. Steinman, and Amy Holt-Cline
2010 NSTA National Conference, Philadelphia, PA

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