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Online Interactive Tools for Ocean and Climate Science Education
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The Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) is a national network with the collective mission to engage scientists and educators and transform ocean science education. The network is comprised of twelve centers that are either regional or thematci in focus. As a thematic center, COSEE Ocean Sytems has worked to create and develop a suite of interactive tools that can be used to enhance ocean and climate literacy by emphasizing the connections between the ocean and the Earth's climate system.

In two linked applications - The Ocean Climate Interactive (OCI) and the Concept Map Builder (CMB) - concept mapping is used as a foundation for learners to make connections between fundamental concepts in ocean and climate science. These cost-free online tools have been incrementally developed, tested, and refined through a series of teacher/scientist professional development workshops to maximize their efficacy.

In the OCI, visitors can explore links in ocean and climate concepts; watch videos and download resources; and reinforce their understanding of connections between climate and ocean systems. In the CMB, registered users can build custom concept maps; add multimedia assets from a large database of resources to enhance their message; and create their own enhanced maps for curriculm planning, study aids, and collaborative projects.

Ths poster won an Outstanding Poster award for presentation.

Presented by: Carla Companion and Annette deCharon
2010 Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, San Diego, CA

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