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Scientific Process in Practice, an Activity Based Seminar for Beginning Ocean Science Majors

Teaching transferrable skills via an inquiry-based approach has been increasingly emphasized in science classrooms. Such inquiry skills are essential for succeeding in rigorous college classes and making critical decisions in their daily lives. “Scientific Process in Practice” was a 2 hour long, weekly seminar designed to complement a field course for incoming oceanography majors (sophomores and juniors). Students conduct mini research projects in Puget Sound for the field course. However, they often struggle to master the data collection and analytical skills they acquire in this class with more basic skills and understanding about the scientific process. Through hands-on activities, the “Scientific Process in Practice” seminar aimed to help students succeed in the field course and later science courses by:

  • Developing information literacy skills
  • Practicing articulating testable hypotheses
  • Studying the scientific format of presentation

Presented by: Kit Yu Karen Chan and Gabrielle Rocap
2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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