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Study the Sounds in the Sea With a Low-cost, Piezo-electric Hydrophone
Category: For Scientists, Ocean Technology
Resource Type: PDF
Date Posted: 08/11/2014

For the collaborative Acoustics Teacher Technology Experience (TTE) with American School for the Deaf (ASD), COSEE-TEK staff designed a new do-it-yourself hydrophone based upon the design by Vivas and Lopez presented in the manuscript entitled "Construction, calibration, and field test of a home-made, low-cost hydrophone system for cetacean acoustic research' (2014) (PDF, 0.98 MB). This design is low-cost, effective and simpler than previous designs, using a piezo-electric element potted with epoxy in a simple housing to record the sound. The DIY hydrophone project has evolved with design improvements, refined methods, and increased collaboration with community colleges and the Marine Technology for Teachers and Students (MaTTS) program at University of Rhode Island.

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