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2016 Global Ocean Science Education Workshop

The first Global Ocean Science Education (GOSE) Workshop in June 2015 brought together ocean scientists and education professionals from 15 nations. Panels discussed ocean science education across the K-12 pipeline, undergraduate and graduate education, and public education. Working groups discussed the future of global ocean science education, opportunities and steps for building international collaborations, and establishing a global network of networks.

During the 2015 workshop, consensus was reached on three major topical priorities for current international collaborative ocean science education efforts:

  • The Ocean and Human Health, including Coastal Resiliency
  • The Ocean’s Role in Climate Change and the Effect of Climate Change on Ocean Systems
  • Biodiversity, including Food Security & Fisheries

Priorities were identified for ocean science topics to be integrated into education initiatives: • Climate Change and Weather

  • Loss of Biodiversity
  • Dexoygenation of Coastal Waters
  • Microplastics/Pollution • Ocean Stressors

Process priorities were identified for the global ocean science education community: • communication and teaching training for scientists and graduate students

  • education and resources for decision makers
  • reform of undergraduate ocean science education
  • support for ongoing global ocean literacy efforts • increasing diversity in ocean science
  • establishment of a network of networks

It was clear after the first workshop that for a truly global ocean science education network to be effective, other stakeholders needed to be part of the conversation. A conscious effort was made in planning the 2016 workshop to include policy makers and business/industry leaders in addition to scientists and education professionals.

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