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A French Outreach Initiative Including Oceanographic Autonomous Observations
Category: COSEE Conference Resources, Ocean Sciences 2012, For Scientists, Ocean Technology
Resource Type: Poster
Date Posted: 02/21/2013
The OAO (Oceanographic Autonomous Observations) team operates automatic platforms such as gliders and profiling floats and is also strongly implicated in the technological development of their "new generation" in terms of scientific payloads. The acquired multi-sensor data, particularly focusing on marine biogeochemically-relevant data (e.g. oxygen, nitrate, chlorophyll-­a, amount of light penetrating the Ocean) together with temperature and salinity, then serve within the wide fields of fundamental research and operational applications.

Within this framework and making use of the exceptional characteristics of such autonomous platforms (e.g. multidisciplinary real-­time data in high resolution, possibility for sub-­regional to global perspectives), the OAO team also seeks to contribute the more and more towards educational and outreach activities. On a local/and international basis, thus several activities are proposed and the development of attractive outreach approaches is undertaken (e.g. facilitator program). Aiming to broadly capture an interest in Ocean Sciences and to initiate or deepen the understanding of the Oceans and their functioning, these activities are meant as complementary actions with an integrative and whenever possible collaborative intention to efforts of existing emerging networks.

Presented by Hervé Claustre, Carolyn Scheurle and the Oceanographic Autonomous Observations Team at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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