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French Initiatives with a Mediterranean-Wide Perspective for Education and Outreach
 Mediterranean Sea
The Mediterranean, a semi-enclosed regional sea with more than twenty riparian states, has its specificities and characteristics from an environmental and societal point of view. It represents a challenging “playground” for all concerned, including actors within the fields of research or decision-making. In the light of this, it also seems necessary to develop strategies and collaborations to educate and outreach on “Mare nostrum” and the today’s challenges associated.

In answer to such needs, i.a. the initiative DEFISMED has recently been launched. With the objective to disseminate on selected crucial themes (water, biodiversity, food resources and the sea), several approaches are proposed to invite scientific and societal actors to inform about new findings and share ideas and concerns. The OAO (Oceanographic Autonomous Observations) team has been one of the first partners to join this program and contributes to the “oceanic part”. In the context of its research on marine biogeochemistry and optics, OAO is undertaking divers dissemination activities addressing a wide range of publics and seeks an active involvement in such networks.

Presentation by Antoine Sciandra, Hervé Claustre, Carolyn Scheurle, Eric Raulet, and the Oceanographic Autonomous Observations Team at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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