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The North Atlantic Bloom 2008 Webinar Series
 Concept map
The North Atlantic Bloom (NAB) webinars feature the research of scientists from the 2008 NAB Experiment and focus on key concepts in ocean science. The five-part series consists of presentations from NAB scientists and tells the story of the North Atlantic spring phytoplankton bloom and its role in the ocean ecosystem. The NAB scientists partnered with COSEE-Ocean Systems (COSEE-OS) to produce the series, which includes multiple interactive concept maps, an integrated set of activities based on actual cruise data, and comprehensive presentations that upon one another for a final, cohesive program.

The webinars are archived the COSEE-OS website and provide viewers with a rich body of classroom-ready resources, access to datasets, and meaningful linkages to most, if not all, of the cross-cutting scientific concepts outlined in the New Framework of the National Science Education Standards. These concepts include scale, proportion, and quantity; systems and system models; energy and matter (flows, cycles and conservation); and stability and change.

Outcomes (number, type, and location of participants and other metrics) are included in the presentation.

Presented by Ivona Cetinic, Carla Companion, Annette deCharon, Christy Herren, Eric D'Asaro, Craig Lee, Amala Mahadevan, Melissa Omand, Mary Jane Perry, and Nicole Poulton at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

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