June 2012
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Focus On...COSEE-Ocean Systems

COSEE-Ocean Systems is the June Center of the Month. Find out what’s new here.
 National COSEE Office
Network Meeting The National COSEE Network meeting was held in San Diego May 7-9, 2012. Meeting notes and presentations have been posted to the CFM file manager. For more information contact Andrea Gingras.

Meeting participants
Network members gathered for the opening of the meeting

Cathy Manduca
Presenter Cathy Manduca describing the InTeGrate project

Break-out sessions
Break-out sessions prompted in-depth discussions
 COSEE Online
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 Working Group Updates
Dr. Jude Apple 
Dr. Jude Apple
Scientist Engagement Working Group The case studies of Dr. Michael Castellini (University of Alaska, COSEE Alaska) and Jude Apple (Western Washington University, COSEE Pacific Partnerships) have been approved and are now posted on the COSEE Scientists Making an Impact website. The case study for Dr. Joel Hoffman (Environmental Protection Agency, COSEE Great Lakes) is nearing final approvals. Work on the case study for Dr. Mary Jane Perry (University of Maine, COSEE Ocean Systems) is nearing completion. Please visit the COSEE Scientists Making an Impact website and contact Jessie Kastler with any questions or comments.

Screenshot of the COSEE-SouthEast home page
Web Working Group The WWG and RWS have completed the functionality to post slideshows to the Center sites in addition to (see our first show here). Nearing completion: a new interactive home page for COSEE Centers will be able pinpoint areas of interest (e.g. scientist research areas) on a rotating globe which, when clicked upon, will open a box containing information on that locale. For more information, contact Annette deCharon, WWG Chair.

ENT Sub-Group ENTS members continue to update the Online Tools Guidebook and are developing ideas for Tools That Work and the ENTS blog. For more information, contact one of the ENTS co-chairs Catherine Cramer and Carla Companion.
MATE ROV Competition Underwater robots will invade Orlando, Florida when the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center hosts its 11th Annual International Student ROV Competition at Orlando’s YMCA Aquatic and Family Center from June 21-23. Student teams from all over the world will gather to compete with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) that they designed and built. The competition will be streamed live.

Call for Papers: Ocean Literacy in the Classroom The journal Science Activities: Classroom Projects and Curriculum Ideas, published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis Group, will host a special issue entitled Ocean Literacy in the Classroom, January 2013, Vol. 50, Issue 1. The deadline for submission is July 1, 2012. Information here.

Articles for General Issues of Current The editors of Current: The Journal of Marine Education seek articles for upcoming general issues on topics related to marine education. The deadline for submission is July 1, 2012. Contact Lisa Tooker. Click here for download guidelines.
 Center News
COSEE Florida has posted an opening for the COSEE Florida Center Coordinator. Indian River State College (the lead organization for COSEE Florida) has an opening for a full-time staff member to coordinate and facilitate the collaborative work of the Center’s four partners (Indian River State College, Smithsonian Marine Station, Florida Institute of Technology and the Ocean Research Conservation Association). The coordinator will also manage the day-to-day operations of the Center Office, administer the College’s award from the National Science Foundation, and oversee the College’s efforts to promote COSEE Florida’s activities and services to ocean scientists, informal educators, and the general public across the state. The position is grant funded for 3 years with a starting date of October 1, 2012. To access the official job description, link to IRSC Human Resources here. Questions can be e-mailed to Dr. Susan Cook.

COSEE NOW The COSEE Broader Impacts Wizard Overview can now be seen on Vimeo.

COSEE OCEAN COSEE OCEAN’s work on analyzing ocean education networks will be presented at the NetSci 2012 conference on June 18, as part of the symposium on infusing network science into education.

COSEE OCEAN is helping ocean scientists make short videos to connect to the Ocean Science Sequence, which is being piloted in two Boston school districts. Visit the new Make Your Own Science Video website. If you are interested in making a short video, contact Catherine Cramer.

 Poster session
Poster exhibit at the University of Washington
COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities For the third year COSEE OLC, in collaboration with SoundCitizen, the University of Washington Institute of Science and Mathematics Education, and the UW Ocean and Coastal Interdisciplinary Sciences GK-12 program, offered the high school level curricular materials titled My Place in Puget Sound. The curriculum is a place-based inquiry science unit that addresses environmental issues with real and current data, is community relevant, and empowers students to act around environmental issues. The culminating event was a public poster session held in May at the UW campus. Over 80 high school students shared their projects with fellow students, scientists, graduate students and the university community. This project leveraged strengths of all four contributing projects to create something that none of them could create alone. An addition this year is to showcase a selection of posters at the Seattle Aquarium for World Oceans Day.

COSEE-Ocean Systems Our next webinar series - Beneath the Surface: Explorations in Benthic Ecology, begins June 12. Nils Volkenborn (University of South Carolina) will discuss the world under the sediments, giving us insight into the behaviors and ecological roles that benthic organisms play in the larger ecosystem. On June 19, Anne Simpson (University of Maine) will share some of the ecological changes that affect benthic communities (such as trawling), and the potential impact of habitat loss on several key benthic species. On June 26, Sara Lindsay (University of Maine) will delve into some of the unique and unexpected characteristics of several organisms – including their ability to regenerate body parts after injury. She will also share with the audience her data revealing how prevalent injury is to these soft-sediment organisms, and how it impacts their behaviors and physiology.

COSEE-Pacific Partnerships is offering two week-long institutes in August that will bring together community college educators and research scientists who are investigating marine and coastal ecosystems. Population Linkages in the Pacific Ocean, August 6-9 at the University of Hawaii Kewalo Marine Laboratory, will focus on how genetics is a fundamental tool in spatial population ecology, how to assay genetic variation, and how genetic data can help with marine management using examples from genetic connectivity data on invertebrates and commercial fisheries. Biological and Physical Oceanography, August 20-24 at Shannon Point Marine Center, Western Washington University, will focus on a variety of oceanographic topics and issues related to the marine environment, including plankton communities, microbial processes, marine food-web interactions, ocean and estuarine circulation, oceanography sampling methods and ocean observing systems, evaluating coastal water quality and nutrient concentrations, and analysis of online oceanographic and water quality data.

This summer, COSEE-PP is supporting 12 community college student interns through the Promoting Research Investigations in the Marine Environment (PRIME) program. PRIME internships introduce students to the research environment at a marine laboratory, provide training in research techniques and science communication, and introduce students to the wide range of marine science careers. PRIME interns work with scientist mentors at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Shannon Point Marine Center, and Kewalo Marine Laboratory. To learn more, visit the PRIME page or read about current and former interns' projects on the PRIME Blog.

In May, COSEE-PP co-sponsored a Science, Media and Communication Institute focused on Ocean Sciences at Humboldt State University that included graduate students, outreach directors for public agencies, and scientists. The intensive institute focused on developing participants' ability to communicate complex scientific concepts to general audiences through inquiry based learning, increasing content knowledge about intertidal organisms, and learning about creating inclusive learning environments for science education. The institute also provided opportunities for participants to network with others interested in science education outreach.

COSEE-West is offering the Ocean Observing Systems: Summer Teacher Institute, a free 5-day workshop for middle and high school teachers, July 30-August 3. More information here.
 COSEE Network Calendar
For the up-to-the-minute list of upcoming COSEE events, visit the Events page.
Open Tree of Life A new initiative from NSF aims to build a comprehensive tree of life that brings together everything scientists know about how all species are related, from the tiniest bacteria to the tallest tree. Researchers are working to provide the infrastructure and computational tools to enable automatic updating of the tree of life, as well as develop the analytical and visualization tools to study it. More information here.
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 COSEE Centers and Council Representatives
COSEE Alaska (Robin Dublin, COSEE Alaska)
COSEE California (Craig Strang, UC Berkeley)
COSEE Florida (Edwin Massey, Indian River State College)
COSEE Island Earth (Judy Lemus, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology)
COSEE Networked Ocean World (Janice McDonnell, Rutgers University)
COSEE OCEAN (Bob Chen, University of Massachusetts)
COSEE -Ocean Learning Communities (Phil Bell, University of Washington)
COSEE-Ocean Systems (Annette deCharon, Darling Marine Center, University of Maine)
COSEE-Pacific Partnerships (Jan Hodder, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology)
COSEE SouthEast (Lundie Spence, South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium)
COSEE-TEK (Ivar Babb, University of Connecticut)
COSEE-West (Linda Duguay, University of Southern California)