Online Tools Guidebook
Program Description
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This wiki-based document was designed and created collaboratively by the COSEE Excellence in Networking Tools Sub-group (ENTS). The purpose of this guidebook is to help COSEE Network members become familiar with a wide variety of online tools so that they can choose the tools that best fit their needs.

The tools are grouped into function categories. The individual tool pages define each tool, describe relevant features, the tool's uses in the COSEE Network, examples, reviews, pros and cons, and resources. The wiki also includes information about the relative benefits of choosing one software over the other (including cost, setup time, technical knowledge needed), categories describing the purposes these tools can have (such as promoting events, having online workshops, etc.) and tips and tricks added by ENTS and other COSEE Network members who have experience working with the tools. To aid the COSEE Network, there is also a list of centers that are currently using the tools at the bottom of each page - encouraging cross-center consultation and collaboration when implementing new tools and strategies.

COSEE Center
The National COSEE Office facilitates national meetings, provides an infrastructure for the Network’s online presence, coordinates the National Advisory Committee, and provides guidance and support to individual Centers and Network working groups. The ENTS, a subgroup of the COSEE Web Working Group, acts as a vehicle for ongoing dialogue regarding the uses, development and implementation of social networking tools.

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 Catherine Cramer
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