Gail Scowcroft
Executive Director of the National COSEE Network
Billy Spitzer
Coordinator of Network Strategic Planning
Liesl Hotaling
Network Partnerships and Collaborations Coordinator
Andrea Gingras
National Network Coordinator
Romy Pizziconi
National Network Assistant
Lisa Taylor
Research Associate
2011 Update

The National COSEE Office (NCO) was very busy during 2011! We have planned and hosted multiple meetings, represented and supported the Network at various national conferences, and continued to help facilitate COSEE Council and Network-level activities, such as establishing partnerships and collaborations and the promotion of ocean related careers.

The NCO team is comprised of Gail Scowcroft, Executive Director of the National COSEE Network (NCN); Andrea Gingras, National Network Coordinator; Romy Pizziconi, National Network Assistant, all based at University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography; Liesl Hotaling, Network Partnerships and Collaborations Coordinator, University of South Florida; Annette deCharon, Director of Network Web Operations and Lisa Taylor, Webmaster, both based at the University of Maine; Billy Spitzer, Coordinator of Network Strategic Planning and Liaison to the National Advisory Council, New England Aquarium; and Catherine Cramer, Managing Editor of COSEE Network News.

During much of 2011, the NCO contributed to the production of the NSF Decadal Review, authoring several chapters. The NCO participated in the activities of the Decadal Review Working Group, led by Linda Duguay of COSEE West. The extensive four-volume report was completed in June of 2011, and members of the COSEE community, including NCO staff, presented to a Decadal Review Committee Panel at NSF in July. In September of 2011, the Review Committee concluded that the national COSEE program had been successful and recommended that it be funded into the future by NSF.

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Convention

 Andrea Gingras demonstrating activities at NSTA 2011
Andrea Gingras demonstrating
activities at NSTA 2011
The COSEE Network had a strong presence during the March 2011 NSTA National Convention in San Francisco, CA. The NCO shared a large island exhibit space with the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center, engaged hundreds of teachers, and helped connect them with Centers. Over 10 COSEE concurrent sessions highlighted activities and products designed for classroom science teachers and scientists. Session participants came away with links to real-time data, relevant scientific resources, lesson plans, information on regional programs, and connections to a nationwide network of scientists and educators who are dedicated to improving ocean literacy. In addition, the NCO hosted a luncheon where guest speaker, Dr. David Hollander, College of Marine Science, University of South Florida, presented his research results to educators on the BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

COSEE Network Meeting

The NCO hosted this year’s Network Meeting in Newport, RI. The meeting theme was Broadening Participation in Ocean Sciences and Increasing Network Effectiveness and Partnerships in Ocean Sciences. Over 80 people attended, representing every Center, as well as our invited guests and National Advisory Committee members. Presentation topics included Multicultural Training for Broadening Participation, Minority Recruitment, Education and Community Outreach, and NSF Education and Human Resources Funding Opportunities. We hope you all enjoyed the Ocean State!

Evaluators/Scientist Study Meeting

This year, the annual NCO-hosted evaluators’ workshop took place at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, CA. Center evaluators, Center PIs, NCO staff, and advisors came together to discuss the development of an NSF supplemental funded study on ways in which COSEE has influenced scientists’ research and teaching activities. After a thorough discussion, the group was able to achieve a consensus on the research questions, methodology, and timeline for the scientist study.

Society for the Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) Conference

The COSEE booth at SACNAS 2011 
The COSEE booth at SACNAS 2011
With a record number of attendees this year, the COSEE exhibit and NCO staff engaged with over 200 high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, teachers and other members of the Chicano and Native American communities at the 2011 SACNAS Conference. COSEE partnered with Dr. Corey Garza, University of California Santa Cruz, to create the first “Ocean Sciences” row in the exhibit hall. We successfully recruited over 10 other ocean sciences organizations to locate their exhibits on the new Ocean Sciences Street. COSEE co-sponsored two oral sessions and our Executive Director participated in the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduate PI Meeting. The NCO team also coordinated the first ocean sciences section of the Conversations with Scientists session and conducted activities during Community Day for local high school students.

Partnerships and Collaborations

The NCO is developing relationships with programs and professional societies to strengthen the reach of the National COSEE Network. In the past year, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the American Meteorological Society (AMS). As a result, the NCO plans to partner on future proposals with AMS and is currently planning a five-part webinar series on hurricane science for Spring 2012. The NCO is also in the process of establishing a memorandum of understanding with the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography.


 Pumpkin with COSEE logo
The NCO continues to oversee the growing COSEE web presence. Blogs and themes pages have now been added. This year, three new Centers joined the Content Management System developed by Raytheon Web Solutions and the Web Working Group, led by Annette deCharon. The COSEE File Manager was revamped and reorganized and is now hosted by the University of Maine.

Social Media

The COSEE Network Twitter account has grown to a large following in 2011: we have 735 followers as of the beginning of December! Please send any "Tweetable" information or updates to Romy. The NCO also recently launched a COSEE Facebook page. Please make sure you search for “COSEE Network” and "like" us!

What’s Next…

  • In 2012, new promotional and branding materials will be produced, including a press kit, new style guide and new Network brochure that will include data from the engagement of scientists analysis.
  • COSEE will have an exhibit and multiple sessions at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting in February.
  • COSEE will have an exhibit and a full day of sessions at the 2012 NSTA Conference in March.
  • COSEE will be disseminating information about the Network and lead hands-on activities during the 2012 USA Science and Engineering Festival, April 28-29, in Washington, DC.
  • The NCO Team and Council Executive Committee are currently planning the 2012 Network Meeting to be in San Diego, May 7-9, 2012.