Lisa  Taylor - Research Associate
Contact Info:

University of Maine
319B Murray Hall
School of Marine Sciences
Orono, ME 04469
Phone: (207) 581-4297

Website: Click here

Lisa Taylor
Research Associate
University of Maine

Web Developer

Primary COSEE Affiliation: Ocean Systems

Other affiliations:
- Web Working Group
- Scientist Engagement Working Group
- Excellence in Networking Tools Sub-Group
- National COSEE Office

Interaction with COSEE Network:

Network website administrator/developer

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

Maine Certified Geologist No. 265; M.S. in Geology, Michigan Technological University; B.A. in Geology, Colby College; ongoing coursework in Computer Information Systems, University of Maine at Augusta; 25 years experience as an environmental consultant for Woodard & Curran (1996-2009), ABB Environmental Services (1992-1996), Haley & Aldrich (1986-1990), and Woodward-Clyde Consultants (1984-1986)

Selected Publications:

See website for publications list

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