Teacher at Sea: Plastics in the North Pacific Gyre
Date: 08/02/09 - 08/21/09
Location: Onboard the R/V New Horizon

Work alongside a research team of doctoral students and assistants from Scripps Institution of Oceanography when they embark on an expedition to explore plastics in the North Pacific Gyre . Their research focuses on one of the oldest and largest ecosystems on earth. Recently referenced as the “Great Pacific Trash Heap” the debris caught in the center of the North Pacific has the potential to damage marine life and alter the biological environment. This opportunity is aimed to enrich your professional science teaching background and surrounds a relevant environmental issue. nvestigations aboard the R/V New Horizon will focus on plastics as transport mechanisms for invasive species, the impacts of plastics on mesopelagic fishes and zooplankton, analysis of bacterial community structure on pelagic plastics and documentation of the vertical distribution of debris in the water column.

Contact Name: Alison Cawood
Contact Email:

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