12.05.2017 - Geosciences workforce awareness is critical for students in preparation for employment following their formal education. The nations of the world are facing a daunting range of geoscience-related environmental challenges, including climate change, declining fisheries, ocean acidification, sea level rise, and coastal development, among many others. As society strives to grapple with these issues and the complex economic, political, and environmental implications, geoscience graduates are finding an increasingly wide array of potential career pathways, both inside and outside of academia. This webinar series is a follow-up to the workshop conducted during the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting exploring career pathways for geosciences students. The webinars explored pathways not covered during the workshop. More information on the series is posted below, along with links to the archived webinar recordings.  MORE >>
07.19.2017 - The Loko I'a app is an innovative way to engage a broader community in learning about scientific research, environmental stewardship, Hawaiian culture, and community restoration occurring at He'eia Fishpond. The app accomplishes this by creating a user experience that includes interactive tours, photo galleries, and audio about He'eia Fishpond.  MORE >>
06.21.2017 - Presently, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) seeks a Communications Director. This position reports to the President/CEO and directs the activities, personnel, and products of the Digital Media and Communication Strategies (DMCS) Division. The incumbent is responsible for strategic planning related to MBARI communications and digital media management, and works with the MBARI Management Team to review policies and procedures in support of MBARI's mission and non-profit status. The Communications Director works closely with researchers and engineers to produce and disseminate information on MBARI research and technology development, and oversees the annotation and curation of digital and video media and related data. In addition, the Director works with MBARI’s President/CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Science Chair, Director of Engineering, and Director of Marine Operations to communicate information about major institutional events, such as high-profile research findings, upgrades to MBARI’s facilities, research vessels, etc. to the MBARI Board of Directors, Packard Foundation representatives, and the public.  MORE >>
03.09.2017 - Registration is now open for the 2017 Global Ocean Science Education (GOSE) Workshop, 23-55 May 2017 in Venice, Italy at UNESCO. A draft agenda for the 2017 GOSE workshop is also available.  MORE >>
09.29.2016 - Louie Lurch (, James Madison University, and colleagues will be chairing a session on undergraduate education in the aquatic sciences at the ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting with an emphasis on the integration of authentic research in undergraduate curricula.  MORE >>
06.22.2016 - From the 13 to the 15 of June the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO co-hosted the second edition of the Global Ocean Science Education workshop. Jointly organized with the Consortium for Ocean Science Exploration and Engagement, and the College of Exploration, the workshop sought to develop collaborative activities and set goals for global ocean science education. See more here.  MORE >>
01.13.2016 - This year's finalists in the 2016 Ocean 180 Challenge have been selected by a panel of science and communication experts (Wave 1 Judges). From January 4 to February 15, 2016, over 30,000 middle school students (our Wave 2 Judging Team) will be evaluating the finalists and casting their votes for this year's winning videos.  MORE >>
01.11.2016 - Join us biweekly on Wednesday mornings for a lecture series sponsored by the Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) Florida.  MORE >>
12.01.2015 - Ocean scientists of all career stages are invited to take the Ocean 180 Challenge and create a 3-minute video abstract that effectively communicates the findings and significance of a recently published study to general audiences.  MORE >>
11.04.2015 - The Ocean 180 Video Challenge encourages ocean scientists to share their discoveries and excitement for research with teachers, students, and the public.  MORE >>
10.28.2015 - Check out today's seaHarmony blog to read about the comeback of the Atlantic Cod.  MORE >>
10.13.2015 - September 30th, 2015 kicked off the start of COSEE Florida’s fall series which focuses on climate change. The first event in a 4-event series, Exploring the Health Effects of Miami’s Changing Environment, examined the impacts of climate change on human health, and was hosted at The Grove Spot in Coconut Grove, Miami.  MORE >>
09.29.2015 - On August 19th, 2015 COSEE Florida hosted it’s first ever Shark Trivia Night! Shark experts David Shiffman and Catherine MacDonald, Ph.D. Candidates at University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, joined us once again to field questions from the audience and help design trivia questions.  MORE >>
07.14.2015 - Historically mangroves have been seen as useless swampland infested with mosquitoes that should be developed on. But current research is showing us that mangroves are more useful to our everyday lives than we thought, providing valuable ecosystem services that economically benefit Miami.  MORE >>
06.29.2015 - During Miami's 4th Annual Underwater Fest at the Frost Science Museum, COSEE Florida co-sponsored this Science UpClose event featuring Dr. Nicole Fogarty, a marine scientist at Nova Southeastern University.  MORE >>
04.29.2015 - Gulf Coast students and their teachers tuned in last week to learn from National Hurricane Center and NOAA Aircraft Operations Center experts about hurricanes, their impacts, and how to be prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. The Hurricanes: Science and Society Team hopes your 5th grade classes can participate in the remaining two webinars that will be offered for the Southeast and Northeast Atlantic regions.  MORE >>
03.24.2015 - Each issue of COSEE Network News contains regular features such as Network topics, COSEE at conferences, and meeting information, plus updates from the National COSEE Office, Working Groups, and the Centers. The Spring 2015 is available now.  MORE >>
03.24.2015 - Ethan Allen interviews Dr. Judy Lemus about her recent voyage on the Research Vessel Falkor in the Tasman Sea as a team of international researchers studied internal tides.  MORE >>
03.11.2015 - Over 37,000 middle school students from over 1,600 classrooms in 21 countries, all 50 US states and the US Virgin Islands judged the videos and voted, and the winners are…  MORE >>
02.25.2015 - MTS is pleased to offer thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarships to high school seniors, college undergraduate students, and graduate students who are studying in the marine science, marine engineering and/or marine technology field.  MORE >>
01.16.2015 - From January 17 through February 13, 2015, a team of scientists from several different research institutions will be sailing on Schmidt Ocean Institute’s (SOI) RV Falkor to explore hidden tides or giant underwater waves in the Tasman Sea for use in climate forecasting. COSEE California and COSEE Island Earth are collaborating with SOI on this research cruise to provide outreach to schools and broader audiences. View photos, videos, and blogs from researchers and educators on the SOI and Scripps websites.  MORE >>
01.16.2015 - From early January through mid February 2015, scientists from Rutgers University, the University of Delaware, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Polar Oceans Research Group and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science are living at Palmer Station, Antarctica, to study the food chain that supports everything from phytoplankton to krill to penguins. This project, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, is designed to help students virtually engage with scientist as they conduct research, ask science questions, analyze and interpret data, and plan and carry out their science investigations.  MORE >>
01.04.2015 - COSEE is transitioning to an independent consortium, the Consortium for Ocean Science Exploration and Engagement, and to a new funding model. Please consider joining COSEE, as we continue to develop and disseminate research, effective practices, and tools that cultivate cooperation among scientists, educators, and the public.  MORE >>
09.15.2014 - The Consortium for Ocean Science Exploration and Engagement seeks to meet the broader community's needs and assess how this new network of institutions and individuals can best meet the needs of ocean scientists and educators.  MORE >>
09.12.2014 - COSEE Network News is now a quarterly publication of the Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence. The Fall 2014 issue is now available.  MORE >>
05.14.2014 - On Wednesday, May 7th, via a live webinar event, Drs Nikolai Maximenko and Jan Hafner presented their recent research using computer models to predict debris movement.  MORE >>
05.02.2014 - On Wednesday, April 30th, via a live webinar event, Dr. Erik Zettler presented his research on microplastics and the microbial life inhabiting these minuscule pieces of plastic to a crowd of 86 participants, who tuned in from 20 states and 4 countries!  MORE >>
03.20.2014 - Congratulations to COSEE's own Billy Spitzer, one of 14 people honored at the White House yesterday as a Champion of Change for their efforts to engage communities and youth in environmental stewardship and conservation, and encouraging a new generation of leaders to play, learn, serve, and work outdoors.  MORE >>
03.19.2014 - The COSEE-OS team recently traveled to Honolulu, HI for the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting to facilitate a number of workshops aimed at effectively communicating scientific research and reducing barriers to participation in STEM careers.  MORE >>
02.28.2014 - Matthew Alford (University of Washington) and Jennifer Isenhart (Wide Eye Productions) have been named the winners of the Ocean 180 Video Challenge!  MORE >>
02.22.2014 - A new report "Opportunities for Lifelong Ocean Science Literacy" is now available.  MORE >>
01.15.2014 - seaHarmony, the COSEE Island Earth online collaboration network that connects scientists, educators, and resource managers, is now available to members across the U.S.  MORE >>
01.15.2014 - The Marine Technology Society (MTS) is pleased to offer thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students who are studying in the marine science, marine engineering and/or marine technology field.  MORE >>
01.15.2014 - Over 42,000 middle school students from around the world will judge scientists’ ability to share their discoveries through video; the top three films will win $6,000 in prizes.  MORE >>
01.14.2014 - The Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii, in partnership with Paepae o He'eia and support from the National Science Foundation and Omidyar Foundation, has just released a new educational iPhone app for He'eia Fishpond on Oahu (Loko I'a o He'eia).  MORE >>
11.05.2013 - Immerse students in the important field of polar research! Join Dr. Rolf Gradinger and his team aboard the USGC Healy as they explore beneath the sea ice to discover how changing climate may impact the Bering Sea food web.  MORE >>
10.16.2013 - Join Dr. Lori Polasek and her research team as they travel to the remote coastline of Alaska to study walrus! Their mission is to understand how Pacific walrus may be impacted by changing Arctic sea ice conditions.  MORE >>
10.03.2013 - Through the use of an innovative concept-mapping tool, SPURS research scientists and COSEE-OS disseminated three ocean salinity projects to a wide audience, reaching 84 participants from 22 states and 3 countries.  MORE >>
09.18.2013 - In the first of a three-part series, PhD candidate Julius Busecke, from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, led participants through his research investigating ocean-atmospheric interactions and what that means for water movement into and out of the SPURS study area.  MORE >>
09.04.2013 - Check out COSEE Island Earth's latest videos!  MORE >>
07.24.2013 - Marine environmental educators gather at the HEEA symposium to showcase their work.  MORE >>
07.17.2013 - Representatives from COSEE-OS gave a presentation and overview of usable tools and resources from the COSEE-OS database to a group of 9 Maine educators attending a 4-day professional development workshop at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science.  MORE >>
06.03.2013 - A delight for learners of all ages, this book is a true partnership of the North Carolina and Georgia Sea Grant programs.  MORE >>
05.13.2013 - The Marine Debris Tracker mobile application allows you to help make a difference by checking in when you find trash on our coastlines and waterways.  MORE >>
05.02.2013 - On Tuesday, April 30, COSEE-OS hosted the second webinar in a two-part series put together by the Institute for Broadening Participation on applying for and negotiating a postdoc position. This webinar focused on what a person might do once they find their ideal postdoc position.  MORE >>
05.01.2013 - This workshop brought together early career scientists and informal educators with a series of four overarching goals related to broader impacts.  MORE >>
05.01.2013 - This spring, COSEE-TEK collaborated with one of its foundational partners, the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) to provide minority undergraduate students majoring in STEM-related fields the opportunity to immerse themselves in ocean science and technology.  MORE >>
04.17.2013 - COSEE Island Earth has joined NOAA in supporting the Dolphin SMART program. Dolphin SMART is a voluntary education program that recognizes wild dolphin viewing tour businesses that responsibly view dolphins.  MORE >>
03.13.2013 - A result of collaborative work among four COSEE Centers (California, NOW, Ocean Systems and West) has been published in the March 2013 issue of Oceanography magazine.  MORE >>
12.03.2012 - Kapiolani Community College's STEM center is dedicated to ensuring the scholastic, scientific, and professional success of community college students in the various fields of science. Representatives from COSEE Island Earth and the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology discussed marine science opportunities available to community college students.  MORE >>
11.30.2012 - Ever wonder what it's like to build and test instruments that operate in space? On October 17, Goddard Space Flight Center engineers discussed their work on the Aquarius/SAC-D satellite during a webinar hosted by COSEE-OS.  MORE >>
11.10.2012 - In preparation for several ocean science-related proposal target dates in January and February 2013, COSEE Florida is hosting a series of informal lunch presentations and discussions at universities and research institutions throughout the state.  MORE >>
10.26.2012 - The COSEE OCEAN Inquiry Group is nearing the end of a two-year effort to produce a comprehensive report on the current state of Ocean Literacy resources. The IG met in person at the New York Hall of Science and over an intense two-day meeting made great progress toward meeting the goal of publishing a report by February 1, 2013.  MORE >>
10.18.2012 - COSEE Island Earth is pleased to announce the release of their new website:  MORE >>
10.12.2012 - Phoebe Jekielek, COSEE-OS Marine Education Associate, attended the 2012 MSTA Annual Conference to present online resources and tools focused on bringing the ocean into Maine classrooms.  MORE >>
10.08.2012 - The World Maker Faire took place at the New York Hall of Science (a COSEE OCEAN partner) on September 29-30, attracting over 55,000 visitors. COSEE OCEAN and MATE (a COSEE NOW partner) teamed up to provide a popular Ocean Sciences activity hub.  MORE >>
09.29.2012 - COSEE Island Earth will host a booth at this year's NOAA Ocean Explorers Evening. Venture to the Waikiki Aquarium while discovering new education resources and old friends. NOAA's Ocean Explorer website, research and curricula will be highlighted, as well as the many resources available to educators to support marine curricula. Representatives from State and Federal organizations will have tables set up with instructional materials. Refreshments will be provided. The evening is free for educators and a guest. Both programs are sponsored by NOAA's Ocean Explorer program and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.  MORE >>
09.10.2012 - COSEE Island Earth airs All Things Marine on Hawaii’s Tomorrow 760 AM on a monthly basis to give local listeners a view into current issues and ongoing research at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and elsewhere in the Hawaiian Islands.  MORE >>
08.24.2012 - During Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences' Exploring Oceanography Summer Workshop for Maine teachers, Phoebe Jekielek - COSEE-OS Marine Education Associate - presented an overview of online classroom resources, including the CLIMB suite of multimedia tools, webinar archives, and data sets.  MORE >>
08.22.2012 - As the 3rd installment of its ongoing webinar series, the Institute for Broadening Participation and COSEE-OS presented this “nuts and bolts” session with interactive Q&A on July 25, targeting undergraduate students interested in learning more about STEM graduate programs and funding opportunities.  MORE >>
08.21.2012 - As part of a teacher workshop for Anne Arundel County Schools at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, COSEE-OS demonstrated activities created for NASA's Aquarius Mission, summarized mission science, and highlighted educational resources available in our webinar archives.  MORE >>
08.19.2012 - COSEE-TEK sponsored its first annual Ocean Science and Technology Day at the Mystic Aquarium on Friday, August 3, 2012. COSEE-TEK worked with UConn’s Department of Marine Science to develop 10 exhibits and demonstrations that featured ocean science and the technologies.  MORE >>
08.01.2012 - Carlie Wiener (COSEE Island Earth program manager) and Megan Onuma (student and COSEE Island Earth employee) have joined the 2012 Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program (RAMP) 24-day research expedition to Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument and World Heritage Site as the education team.  MORE >>
07.30.2012 - COSEE Island Earth hosted and sponsored the session "Kai Connections: Building Education Partnerships in the Ocean Sciences", which introduced the topic of ocean literacy and aligned principles with the Hawaii Environmental Literacy Plan.  MORE >>
07.28.2012 - COSEE Island Earth hosted a media training workshop as part of the pilot journalist at sea program. Twenty participants attended the Communication in Ocean Sciences Workshop, facilitated by COSEE Island Earth and Polynesian Voyaging Society on Saturday, July 28, 2012.  MORE >>
07.05.2012 - The NAB research team, who participated in a COSEE-Ocean Systems webinar series, have been published in the journal "Science."  MORE >>
07.04.2012 - Bangor High School teachers Ted Taylor and Jen Page and their students participated in a week-long “Restoration and Exploration Week” at MDI Biological Laboratory this June as part of an EPA and COSEE-OS funded effort to bring inland schools to the coast and engage them in monitoring and stewardship activities.  MORE >>
06.30.2012 - Teachers and students from Waterville and Bangor Schools participated in a week-long “Young Environmental Leaders” program at MDI Biological Laboratory during April Break 2012. This is the second year of the program, which is supported with funds from COSEE-OS.  MORE >>
06.07.2012 - The case study of Dr. Michael Castellini (University of Alaska, COSEE Alaska) is now posted on the COSEE website  MORE >>
05.22.2012 - The Embed Widget - a new feature of our CLIMB software - allows you to embed a concept map into a web page. Visitors to your page will then be able to view your map, concepts, and attached assets.  MORE >>
05.03.2012 - This spring, COSEE-TEK has taken the plunge into underwater acoustics with two educational institutes focusing on the engineering and application of low-cost hydrophones. Hydrophones have a number of applications in Oceanography including the study of marine mammal communication of anthropogenic noises in the environment (e.g., outboard engines, commercial vessels, SONAR, seismic air guns, etc.).  MORE >>
04.21.2012 - This year’s Ocean Expo was a huge success, featuring informational booths and vendors for everything ocean related. On Earth Day weekend, April 21-22, ocean enthusiasts filled the Neil Blaisdell exhibition hall for the Hawaii Ocean Expo. Vendors eagerly displayed seafood, boats, and other ocean-themed products in conjunction with many marine organizations sharing information about conservation, policy, and science. COSEE Island Earth hosted a booth in coordination with the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology to educate the community about topics in marine science and conservation.  MORE >>
04.14.2012 - Eleven undergraduate and two graduate students spent two days immersed in ocean science and technology at UConn’s Avery Point campus and Project Oceanology. The students were part of UConn’s Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program that seeks to provide unique STEM learning opportunities for underrepresented students.  MORE >>
04.01.2012 - Despite their land-locked geography in Southern Michigan, teachers and students at Stockbridge High School have developed an extremely successful underwater robotics program over the past two years with many awards at regional and international Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center competitions.  MORE >>
03.26.2012 - COSEE OCEAN presented a poster at CompleNet 2012 Workshop on Complex Networks describing some observations from the Social Network Analysis of two ocean science education networks:the Center of Ocean Sciences Education Excellence Ocean Communities in Education And social Networks (COSEE OCEAN), and the New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (NEOSEC).  MORE >>
03.26.2012 - The Best of COSEE Hands on Activities collection is now online.  MORE >>
02.26.2012 - Where there are ocean scientists, so too will you find COSEE Florida! The University of Florida (UF) held its annual Marine Biology Symposium on January 19-20, 2012 at the university’s Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience in St. Augustine, Florida and COSEE Florida was on hand to engage with participants.  MORE >>
02.16.2012 - COSEE OCEAN has produced a simple, easy to use guide to help scientists make their own short videos about their work and their life as a scientist.  MORE >>
02.15.2012 - The Scientist Engagement Working Group (SEW-G) is pleased to announce the case study of Dr. Crystal Johnson of Louisiana State University has been approved and is now posted on the COSEE website.  MORE >>
02.07.2012 - The COSEE Network is planning a large presence during the upcoming Ocean Sciences Meeting. The NCO will host a booth in the exhibit area and several Centers are planning to host activities.  MORE >>
02.07.2012 - The 2012 Hurricanes: Science and Society (HSS) Webinar Series will provide educators with an opportunity to meet some of the top hurricane scientists in the country, while learning about their research and a range of hurricane related topics.  MORE >>
02.06.2012 - In December 2011, COSEE-TEK Director Ivar Babb visited Portugal to attend the World Association of Marine Laboratories (WAMS) annual meeting. He took advantage of the opportunity to meet with the leadership of Ciencia Viva (Science Lives) to explore potential collaborative activities with COSEE-TEK.  MORE >>
02.06.2012 - As the President of the National Association of Marine Laboratories (NAML), COSEE-TEK Director Ivar Babb attended the annual WAMS meeting, this year held in Faro, Portugal. Many great ideas for international partnership came from the meeting including the development of a "global campus" for marine research career paths and Global Ocean Literacy (GOL) program.  MORE >>
02.03.2012 - COSEE NOW Co-PI Jim Yoder has been named a 2012 TOS Fellow for his innovative and visionary application of satellite ocean color technologies to interdisciplinary oceanography and his extraordinary service to oceanography.  MORE >>
01.12.2012 - This pilot series highlighted ocean scientists sharing successful strategies for increasing diversity in their community. Using concept map-focused presentations, speakers discussed career paths in the context of their experience being an under-represented minority (URM) in the sciences, and/or their experience providing mentorship to URMs.  MORE >>
12.14.2011 - In January, COSEE-OS will host a free, two-part webinar series with NASA scientists on the Aquarius/SAC-D Satellite and the science behind what it takes to measure salinity in the world's oceans.  MORE >>
12.05.2011 - Over 30 educators and scientists met for a two-day Teacher Ocean Technology Institute at Project Oceanology and University of Connecticut-Avery Point on November 11-12, 2011. Educators from CT, RI, NH, NJ, MA, FL, and MI worked together to learn about various ocean technologies and the educational resources in development through COSEE-TEK.  MORE >>
11.09.2011 - COSEE Great Lakes PI Rosanne Fortner has received the highest honor from the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), which recognizes outstanding service to NAAEE and leadership within the profession.  MORE >>
10.06.2011 - The COSEE Florida event, featuring Florida Sea Grant seafood specialist Dr. Steve Otwell, drew more than one hundred participants interested in learning about seafood industry changes and the potential effects on consumers, including supply, costs, health, safety and sustainability.  MORE >>
10.02.2011 - COSEE-TEK hosted three Teacher Technology Experiences (TTE) this summer at the University of Connecticut Avery Point campus. The TTE's featured formal and informal educators working with scientists, technicians, graduate and undergraduate students using both advanced and conventional oceanographic technologies and techniques to study the physics, chemistry and biology of the coastal ocean.  MORE >>
08.30.2011 - As schools reopened for the year, COSEE OCEAN held an update meeting to discuss the Ocean Science Sequence (OSS) curriculum as it is being piloted in two Boston area districts this fall.  MORE >>
08.24.2011 - Through a partnership with the Bangor School Department, COSEE-OS, and Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, four Bangor High School students and two teachers took part in a week-long research program targeting the restoration of eelgrass in Frenchman Bay.  MORE >>
08.08.2011 - Participants from twenty-one U.S. states and three countries (including Canada, Iceland and Germany) tuned in for COSEE-OS's most recent webinar series. The five-part series featured scientists from the University of Maine, Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institution and the University of Washington involved with the North Atlantic Bloom Experiment.  MORE >>
07.29.2011 - Evaluation surveys from past workshops have shown that educators desire real data to use in their classrooms. In this workshop, educators worked closely with graduate students to develop curriculum for inquiry-based lessons based on research data provided by UMaine scientists.  MORE >>
07.28.2011 - Vera Shi will be visiting New England this summer, representing COSEE China.  MORE >>
07.28.2011 - In this webinar, Dr. Eric D'Asaro presented the reasons for the use of multiple platforms that measure over different time and spatial scales. The North Atlantic Bloom project was a complex effort, requiring a range of technology to successfully measure a changing, moving patch of water.  MORE >>
07.20.2011 - In our second North Atlantic Bloom webinar, Amala Mahadevan and Melissa Omand (WHOI) explained how modeling has helped researchers better comprehend the physical dynamics behind what triggers the spring bloom.  MORE >>
07.13.2011 - On July 7, Mary Jane Perry (Professor, School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine) presented the first of a series of webinars devoted to demystifying the North Atlantic Bloom.  MORE >>
07.12.2011 - Six soon-to-be science teachers at Indian River State College have received six weeks of hands-on experience, performing research at the Smithsonian Marine Station in Fort Pierce, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, and Ocean Research & Conservation Association.  MORE >>
06.24.2011 - Join us for this dynamic 5-part webinar series featuring the research of scientists from the North Atlantic Bloom Experiment and focusing on key concepts in ocean science. Series begins July 7th!  MORE >>
06.17.2011 - The COSEE Network will participate in the USA Science and Engineering Festival, April 27 - 29, 2012 (Washington, D.C.), co-hosting a booth with AGU in an effort to create stronger ties with the professional society.  MORE >>
06.06.2011 - On June 3-4, 2011, COSEE-OS hosted a scientist/educator workshop at the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory in advance of the June 9, 2011 launch of Aquarius. This workshop featured eminent NASA scientists who worked collaboratively with educators to examine connections between the water cycle, ocean circulation, climate and sea surface salinity.  MORE >>
05.26.2011 - What started as two separate tools - the Ocean Climate Interactive and the Concept Map Builder - have now been merged, with many added capabilities, into a new application called the Concept Linked Integrated Media Builder, or CLIMB for short.  MORE >>
05.16.2011 - Only One Ocean, the new Banana Slug String Band children's music CD that features 14 songs about Ocean Literacy, has just won a prestigious 2011 Parents' Choice Award. The CD is also getting a Starred Review in the upcoming School Library Journal, and will be featured on the next Ocean Gazing Podcast from COSEE NOW. The accolades for this new release keep pouring in.  MORE >>
05.16.2011 - On May 13th COSEE-OS and COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities hosted the first "Many Learning Pathways in Ocean Science" webinar in partnership with the Institute for Broadening Participation.  MORE >>
05.11.2011 - Participants learned how to identify the ingredients of good and bad presentations and how to critically evaluate and improve their own work to better their communication skills at this COSEE Florida workshop.  MORE >>
05.06.2011 - The Ocean Sciences Sequence Curriculum is a part of the GEMS Curriculum Sequence. It is correlated with the Ocean Literacy Framework, and provides teachers with standards-based tools for teaching basic science using the ocean as an integrating context.  MORE >>
04.20.2011 - On Tuesday, April 19, 2011, COSEE collaborated with the Smithsonian Institution to present a panel focused on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as part of the Changing Tides Lecture series.  MORE >>
04.13.2011 - On April 6th, COSEE-OS facilitated a short workshop at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory with the aim of introducing NASA researchers to the technique of concept mapping.  MORE >>
04.08.2011 - COSEE-West and COSEE-OS co-hosted this workshop, derived from the successful Graduate-Faculty Collaborative Workshop model developed by COSEE-OS, at the University of Southern California on April 1-5.  MORE >>
03.16.2011 - Members of the COSEE-TEK Team attended the Basic Observation Buoy (BOB) Workshop held December 13-14, 2010 at the Jacksonville University Marine Science Research Institute. Students, teachers and scientist gathered to discuss issues related to the development, implementation and data processing of these low-cost ocean sampling arrays.  MORE >>
03.15.2011 - In the wake of Japan's recent and tragic 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami, there is a great deal of interest in real-time tsunami forecasting technology. Both NASA and NOAA have led the way toward making better predictions and saving lives.  MORE >>
02.25.2011 - In this webinar, the ITEST Learning Resource Center and COSEE showcased curriculum materials on topics ranging from biomedicine to engineering design to ecology to ocean sciences.  MORE >>
02.16.2011 - JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: COSEE Alaska Executive Director COSEE Alaska is seeking a full-time, professional executive director to lead a dynamic partnership between research, formal education and informal education organizations.  MORE >>
01.28.2011 - COSEE-OS has been named on two successful National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) mini grants with its Center partners at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and Gardiner Area High School.  MORE >>
01.17.2011 - The long awaited, COSEE/NMEA/NOAA/NMSF/LHS-sponsored children's music CD Only One Ocean was officially released on 1/11/11. The CD is available through the Slugs website, through many stores and distributors, and through iTunes and other online music services. Contact the Slugs if you want to make large orders for education programs or find out about booking a live performance.  MORE >>
01.07.2011 - COSEE-OS gave two presentations at the 2011 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Harvard scientist Peter Girguis shared his perspective on the advantages and limitations of different modes of education and outreach. On the same day, Annette deCharon discussed COSEE-OS's methods for helping scientists deconstruct complex science for non-scientists by using concept mapping coupled with face-to-face online communication.  MORE >>
12.06.2010 - Dr. Rick Keil, PI of COSEE Ocean Learning Communities and Professor at the University of Washington, is the subject of the latest Scientists Making an Impact Case Study published online on  MORE >>
11.22.2010 - Last month, COSEE California, COSEE-West, and SouthWest Marine Educators Association coordinated an Ocean Sciences strand at the California Science Teachers Association Conference in Sacramento, California attended by over 1300 science educators.  MORE >>
10.15.2010 - On October 6, UMaine scientist Lawrence Mayer talked to an online audience of 36 people from 12 states about what he calls the “genie in the bottle,” also known as sequestered carbon. Former educator and current graduate student Beth Campbell shared her insights as an educator on how useful concept mapping can be – both for her previous students and her current research.  MORE >>
09.30.2010 - The Community Meeting will be held 3-4 November in Washington, DC. The meeting agenda, talking points, and email address to submit comments for the COSEE blog are now available. To view Vision Papers submitted for this meeting, click here.  MORE >>
09.23.2010 - On September 22, COSEE-OS hosted their third ROLE Model webinar featuring UConn scientist Penny Vlahos and Sue Klemmer, a science teacher at Camden Hills Regional High School in Camden, Maine.  MORE >>
08.24.2010 - The National COSEE Network solicited Vision Papers from a broad cross-section of the research and education communities to serve as input into the COSEE Community Meeting. To view Vision papers click here.  MORE >>
08.16.2010 - Our popular supplement to Oceanography magazine - Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach, written by UMaine faculty with funding from COSEE-OS - has now been translated into Spanish, French, and Catalan.  MORE >>
08.11.2010 - On August 10, COSEE-OS hosted their second ROLE webinar featuring Harvard scientist Peter Girguis and Louise McMinn, a science teacher at Scofield Magnet Middle School in Stamford, Connecticut.  MORE >>
08.10.2010 - COSEE will host a Community Meeting in Washington, DC to formulate a strategic vision for the COSEE Network.  MORE >>
07.29.2010 - On July 28, COSEE-OS hosted the first in a series of Research-Based Online Learning Event (ROLE) webinars featuring research scientists and educators who use concept mapping to develop and communicate ideas.  MORE >>
06.29.2010 - COSEE-OS recently helped COSEE Coastal Trends with their Scientist-Educator Partnerships program by integrating concept mapping into the orientation phase of a six week research and education project centered on watershed impacts to coastal ecosystem health.  MORE >>
06.03.2010 - The popular supplement to Oceanography magazine, Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach, written by UMaine faculty with funding from COSEE-OS, is being translated into Spanish, Catalan, and French. When completed, PDF versions of these booklets will be available only online from The Oceanography Society.  MORE >>
05.12.2010 - The COSEE Excellence in Networking Tools Sub-Group has developed a guidebook containing helpful information on a wide variety of online tools. In a wiki format, this guidebook is easily accessible.  MORE >>
04.25.2010 - Carla Companion, COSEE-OS Research Associate, received an Outstanding Poster award for her presentation at the 2010 Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference in San Diego on March 31.  MORE >>
04.05.2010 - UMaine School of Marine Sciences graduate student and COSEE-OS Facilitator Carrie Armbrecht recently journeyed to Beijing as part of the COSEE China planning workshop, the focus of which was to exchange information on ocean science education in the US and China and explore the possibility of establishing a COSEE Center in China. UMaine's School of Marine Sciences documents her trip.  MORE >>
03.24.2010 - The COSEE Network was well represented at this year’s National Science Teachers Association meeting, held in Philadelphia from March 18-21.  MORE >>
03.17.2010 - We invite everyone in the ocean sciences and education community who is interested in the future of the COSEE Network to help plan the Network’s future. For information on the request for vision papers, click here. To submit a vision paper click here.  MORE >>
03.16.2010 - The Division of Ocean Sciences periodically seeks to establish new and/or renewed COSEE Centers in a network of coordinated centers that facilitate collaborations and communications between ocean science researchers and educators. For background documents, click here.  MORE >>
03.04.2010 - Keep up with our COSEE China representatives - and COSEE-OS Facilitator Carrie Armbrecht - as they blog their way through next week's trip to Beijing!  MORE >>
03.03.2010 - COSEE California PI Craig Strang recently testified before the House Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice and Science about the importance of inquiry-based science education, and in particular about the role that NOAA, NASA and NSF play in improving science education. Craig also made sure to hand out the new COSEE brochure, the Ocean Literacy brochure, and copies of the special issue of Current that was dedicated to COSEE activities.  MORE >>
03.01.2010 - Nick Record, a particpant at the COSEE-OS Graduate Student/Faculty Collaborative workshop in February 2010, blogs about ecological forecasting and presents an example system using the COSEE-OS Concept Map Builder.  MORE >>
03.01.2010 - A planning workshop for a new COSEE center in China is taking place this month, with a team of COSEE scientists, educators and graduate students meeting with their counterparts in Beijing.  MORE >>
02.09.2010 - COSEE-OS presented their Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative Workshop at the Darling Marine Center on January 30 - February 2, 2010. This is the first of our ocean-climate connections workshops to team graduate students and post docs with prominent research scientists.  MORE >>
01.14.2010 - COSEE-OS recently partnered with the Seacoast Science Center (SSC) in Rye, NH to develop content for a staff workshop focusing on the complex topic of ocean aerosols. Thanks to grant funding, University of New Hampshire scientist Dr. Hui Feng has been working with the SSC to translate his research on ocean aerosols and modeling into programs for the public at approximately a third grade level.  MORE >>
01.11.2010 - University of New Hampshire instructors Deb Goodwin and Juliann Benson will teach Exploring Informal Science Education Through Ocean Inquiry, an interdisciplinary course supported by COSEE-OS. Students will explore inquiry-based methods for teaching fundamental science concepts by examining and creating activities and lessons appropriate across many educational settings while experiencing current best practices and innovative pedagogical methods modeled using physical and biological marine science content.  MORE >>
01.07.2010 - The COSEE Network was well represented at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting through an exhibit booth, oral and poster sessions on Improved Broader Impacts = Enhanced Scientific Impacts, a Young Investigators Lunch, and a mural.  MORE >>
12.16.2009 - At the Oceans '09/Marine Technology/IEEE Annual Conference in Biloxi, Mississippi, COSEE implemented a successful one-day Teacher Professional Development Workshop at Stennis Space Center on Saturday, October 24, 2009. Keynote speakers focused on the Gulf of Mexico (Jessica Kastler) and Environmental Stewardship (Sharon Walker for Michael Spranger). In addition, 150 high school students participated in a hands-on workshop exposing them to potential marine-related careers.  MORE >>
12.15.2009 - The COSEE Network had a significant presence at the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) Conference, held October 15 -18, 2009. In collaboration with SACNAS, the COSEE Network co-sponsored an ocean science symposium, Sustainable Seas: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Conservation and Management of Ocean Resources.  MORE >>
11.30.2009 - COSEE-OS visited four general chemistry classes at Bangor High School to present the COSEE-OS Ocean Climate Interactive and Concept Map Builder to 39 11th and 12th grade students.  MORE >>
09.30.2009 - A lot is happening at the Smithsonian Institution's Sant Ocean Hall, including celebration of the Hall's one-year anniversary, an update on the development of the Ocean Portal, and an announcement about funding for a new lecture series.  MORE >>
09.29.2009 - Four COSEE Centers - California, NOW, Ocean Systems and West - will test new models of "scientist-centered" workshops that partner ocean researchers and graduate students. Participants will create new and innovative ocean-climate content and/or improve their ability to meet NSF "Broader Impacts" criterion.  MORE >>
09.01.2009 - Written by scientists and educators funded by COSEE-OS, Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach is now available in hardcopy and online.  MORE >>
08.31.2009 - The 25-Aug-09 issue of Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union includes the article, Online Tools Help Get Scientists and Educators on the Same Page. Contributed by COSEE-OS, this article addresses research and development of concept mapping techniques and related multimedia software.  MORE >>
08.20.2009 - COSEE-OS has two full-time job openings: Marine Education Associate and Research Associate. Both positions will be based at the Marine Education and Outreach Program, University of Maine School of Marine Sciences, Darling Marine Center in Walpole, Maine.  MORE >>
06.20.2009 - Visit the COSEE SouthEast website to view an exciting new Creature Feature on the lionfish! This feature includes a brief description of the lionfish and its impacts on the southeast, as well as links to additional lionfish resources.  MORE >>
06.01.2009 - The Year of Science theme for June is Oceans and Water. Visit the Oceans and Water webpages for a chance to name a new species of jellyfish, ask an oceanographer a question, download videos from ocean research expeditions, visit the Fun Zone, and more.  MORE >>
05.29.2009 - In the most recent podcast from COSEE NOW, researchers Janice McDonnell (Rutgers) and Jim Yoder (WHOI) describe the urgent need to translate ocean science into formal and informal educational opportunities across the country, engaging scientists, educators and kids everywhere.  MORE >>
05.26.2009 - Observing the ocean at the ends of the earth is never easy. Senior WHOI Scientist, Al Plueddemann, shares his tale of how tricky even loading a boat with equipment can be in Barrow Alaska. But, as difficult as it was, observing the ocean with a small and nimble ROV turned out to be the easiest part.  MORE >>
05.09.2009 - The COSEE West – Colorado Collaborative invites Los Angeles area teachers from grades 6-12 to participate in a Teacher Workshop in Colorado via video conference. This presentation will explore the physical processes believed to be producing the observed drastic reduction in Arctic sea ice, emphasizing the interactions between sea ice and atmospheric processes.  MORE >>
04.28.2009 - The Spring 2009 newsletter from COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico has just been published and is available online.  MORE >>
04.15.2009 - As part of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Ocean Initiative, Elizabeth Ban is working to develop and enhance collaborations for the Sant Ocean Hall Education program.  MORE >>
04.07.2009 - The new collaboration between COSEE California and the University of Hawaii has begun! Pacific Ocean Literacy for Youth, Publics, Professionals and Scientists stems from a central premise that science education must draw not only from the latest advances in western science and technology but also from the cultural contexts in which learners are embedded. The project focuses on training educators and scientists to effectively communicate ocean sciences to public audiences that include multi-ethnic populations expressing a range of cultural contexts.  MORE >>
03.23.2009 - This program from COSEE Coastal Trends immerses middle school and high school teachers in summer-long ocean science research experiences. Scientists and teachers conduct research and develop classroom resources based on the partnering work. Collaborative teamwork is a key component of the research experience. Successful applicants work closely with a research scientist, a graduate student, and an undergraduate student to collectively create web-based educational resources focusing on their area of study. We are offering two positions, one at Horn Point Lab in Cambridge, MD and one at the University of Delaware in Lewes, DE. Stipend and travel expenses are included.  MORE >>
03.10.2009 - It's that time again! The clock is ticking down to submit a proposal for the NSTA 2010 Conference. The 2010 Conference will be in Philadelphia March 18-21. The COSEE Network will present a day of COSEE-themed concurrent sessions, and now is the time to submit your proposals!. Proposals are due Wednesday, April 15, 2009.  MORE >>
03.08.2009 - Carissa Wilkerson and Chris Burrell, Hampton University graduate students, each presented a poster on their experiences with the COSEE Coastal Trends Scientist-Educator Partnership at the 2009 American Society of Limnology and Oceanography meeting in Nice, France.  MORE >>
02.27.2009 - COSEE NOW recently launched their new biweekly podcast Ocean Gazing, which highlights the science, researchers and sounds of Ocean Observing Systems. In the second installment you will meet Heidi Sosik and Rob Olson, biologists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who describe how a shared frustration led them to develop a tool that has revolutionized how the ecology of the ocean is studied.  MORE >>
02.19.2009 - COSEE, the Smithsonian Institution-Sant Ocean Hall (SI-SOH), NOAA-Office of Exploration and Research, and NOAA-Sea Grant, represented by the Search Committee for the Senior Educator Position at SI-SOH, are pleased to announce that Elizabeth Ban has been selected as the Ocean Science Education Specialist. Elizabeth comes to this position with a strong commitment to ocean science education and building multi-program partnerships.  MORE >>
02.09.2009 - COSEE SouthEast has developed and published a 48-page publication entitled "The Educator’s Guide to Marine Debris for the Southeast and Gulf of Mexico" for middle schools. This publication is available online and provides an accessible avenue of ocean science stewardship based on science and volunteer information.  MORE >>
01.14.2009 - Phil Bell, co-PI of COSEE Ocean Learning Communities, helped lead a National Research Council consensus study, funded by NSF, exploring what we know about how people learn science in informal environments. The report based on the group's findings was released last week.  MORE >>
01.12.2009 - Do you want to influence the research priorities of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP)? Have you used IODP, Ocean Drilling Program, or Deep Sea Drilling Program data or samples in your research? Does your science benefit from data collected through scientific ocean drilling? If so, consider participating in the  MORE >>
12.19.2008 - COSEE West now has a blog! Come read about COSEE West activities from the people on the ground.  MORE >>
12.18.2008 - COSEE NOW has launched the beta version of their new website. Try the new interactive on the seven ocean literacy principles and fundamental concepts or download a set of teacher resources related to a summer research project in Antarctica.  MORE >>
12.17.2008 - COSEE NOW is looking for volunteer educators to help develop new activities and lesson plans.  MORE >>
11.21.2008 - COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico has launched a revamped version of their popular website.  MORE >>
11.15.2008 - The annual Adobe MAX Awards is a global awards program that recognizes the best uses of Adobe software for creating engaging experiences. The COSEE-OS Concept Linked Integrated Media Builder has been selected as an Honorable Mention for the 2008 Adobe MAX Awards. This application has increased our effectiveness as an education and public outreach organization by allowing us to construct a visually appealing, customizable environment for our audience.  MORE >>
10.18.2008 - The new COSEE exhibit had its debut at the 2008 annual meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science. This annual meeting brings together scientists, graduate students, undergraduate students, teachers, and high school students in a highly interactive environment. The COSEE exhibit was well received and many undergraduates stopped to speak with us about careers in ocean science research.  MORE >>
10.17.2008 - COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico, COSEE Coastal Trends, and COSEE Great Lakes update the network on recent activities conducted by their centers.  MORE >>
10.01.2008 - The National Science Foundation has issued five new awards under the New Collaborators with Existing Centers portion of the Program Solicitation. The new collaborators will work in a closely-integrated way with their collaborating COSEE Center.  MORE >>
10.01.2008 - NSF provides funding to COSEE for the management and support of national networking activities.  MORE >>
09.18.2008 - COSEE New England joins forces with the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science to help plan the kick-off to the Year of Science that begins January 2009.  MORE >>
09.18.2008 - The Smithsonian Institution, in collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National COSEE Network, announces plans to hire an ocean science educator to work in the new Ocean Hall exhibit.  MORE >>
09.15.2008 - Ocean sciences faculty and educators in the University of Hawaii system and COSEE California propose a new collaboration to extend the COSEE California courses Communicating Ocean Sciences and Communicating Ocean Sciences for Informal Audiences to the Central Pacific region.  MORE >>
09.01.2008 - The COSEE Colorado Collaborative proposes to develop a synergistic partnership between the University of Colorado-Boulder and COSEE West.  MORE >>
09.01.2008 - Drs. Russell Cuhel and Carmen Aguilar, scientists at the Great Lakes WATER Institute in Milwaukee, have been awarded a three-year NSF COSEE Collaborative grant to work with COSEE Great Lakes.  MORE >>
09.01.2008 - The Ocean Inquiry Project will collaborate with COSEE Ocean Learning Communities to create, promote, and study learning collaborations among diverse communities that care about the oceanic environment, a specific goal of COSEE Ocean Learning Communities.  MORE >>
09.01.2008 - COSEE Coastal Trends and Queen Anne's County Public School district will collaborate to formalize a semester-long entry level secondary school ocean science course.  MORE >>
07.25.2008 - Dr. Laura Murray, director of COSEE Coastal Trends, along with public school teachers and staff from COSEE West, presented the Ocean Literacy and an Ocean Science course at the 2008 National Marine Educators Association conference in Savannah, Georgia.  MORE >>
07.25.2008 - Visiting Savannah, Georgia in the middle of July did not seem like the smartest thing to do, but it turns out that people from all over the world also felt like thumbing their noses at ninety-degree temperatures and 80-90 percent humidity.  MORE >>
07.17.2008 - More than 50 student teams, comprising over 650 students from 5 countries, participated in the MATE Center's International Student ROV Competition. This year's competition was designed to present students with the types of challenges faced by scientists and engineers working in extreme ocean environments, such as hydrothermal vents.  MORE >>
07.13.2008 - COSEE Great Lakes will feature weblogs of participant experiences aboard the R/V Peter Wise Lake Guardian and at the Tropical Marine Ecology workshop in Honduras.  MORE >>
07.12.2008 - COSEE Ocean Learning Communities helped sponsor the Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators annual conference from July 9-12 in Friday Harbor, Washington, giving a presentation entitled Modeling Inquiry Through Ocean Science Research in the Puget Sound.  MORE >>
06.19.2008 - COSEE will sponsor the 2008 National Marine Educators Association conference One World: One Water in Savannah, Georgia this July  MORE >>
06.19.2008 - COSEE centers are holding Ocean Observing Systems workshops - and collaborating with each other to do so - in order to familiarize teachers with ocean data and how to use this information in the classroom.  MORE >>
04.17.2008 - The groundwork has now been laid for a continued COSEE presence at the annual conventions of the National Science Teachers Association. Next year's event will include COSEE-themed sessions and short courses.  MORE >>
04.17.2008 - The 2008 International Pacific Marine Educators Network conference will take place in Townsville, Australia from October 16-21.  MORE >>