Seasons in the Sea: Understanding Change in the Gulf of Maine Through Buoys, Boats, and Satellites
Date: 06/26/06 - 06/30/06
Location: University of New Hampshire

2006 Seasons in the Sea workshop
This five-day teacher workshop will focus on the exciting and thought provoking theme of Seasons in the Sea: Understanding Change in the Gulf of Maine through Buoys, Boats and Satellites. Just like on land, the ocean goes through seasonal changes that cause plants and animals to adapt, bloom, retreat, die, and flourish. From regional to microscopic scales, oceanic changes can be recognized and studied by all levels of learners.

At this workshop, participants will learn new content, gain lab and sea research experience, and identify new classroom activities to translate ocean science to learners. Through computers and web available data, teachers will learn how the Gulf of Maine works, how it changes, and how we can monitor those changes. Participants will also identifiy and track seasonal oceanic changes by studying such topics as phytoplankton blooms, satellite images, changes in life stages of a larval fish, and seasonal migration patterns of large pelagic fish. This workshop combines educational pedagogy and cutting edge content to help teachers find new and effective ways to teach their students about the ocean.

Workshop Summary

Contact Name: Annette deCharon
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