The Ecology of Colonial Waterbirds and their Impacts on the Survival of Juvenile Salmonids in the Columbia Basin
Date: 04/29/11 1:00 pm - 04/29/11 5:00 pm
Location: Yakima Valley Community College, Yakima, WA
Attendance: Any community college instructor who teaches marine biology, biology, environmental science or ecology

COSEE Pacific Partnerships is sponsoring a workshop with Dr. Dan Roby at the 2011 Northwest Biology Instructors' Organization (NWBIO) Meeting. The workshop will use information from his research on the ecology of fish eating colonial waterbirds (primarily Caspian terns, double-crested cormorants, and several gull species) and their impacts on the survival of juvenile salmonids in the Columbia Basin. Click here for further information on these studies. The workshop will include activities suitable for inclusion in community college courses.

Dr. Dan Roby, Professor, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Oregon State University.

Registration for the workshop will be available soon. Please note: This workshop is free, however participants must register for NWBIO 2011.

Contact Name: Coral Gehrke
Contact Phone: (541) 888-2581 x236
Contact Email:

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