Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative Workshop
Date: 10/05/11 - 10/07/11
Location: Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA

On October 5th, 6th and 7th, COSEE-OS will work with COSEE California at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO; La Jolla, CA) to co-facilitate a Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative workshop. This workshop aims to connect ocean sciences graduate students – with a special focus on those funded through the NSF Graduate Teaching Fellowship in K-12 Education (GK-12) – together with early career SIO faculty. These teams, guided by COSEE staff, will work to deconstruct the faculty's complex research topics using concept mapping and other pedagogical techniques. Part of the goal is to provide these students and early career faculty with a 'hands-on' opportunity to investigate and communicate the broader impacts of their research, and to apply these new skills in various ways as they continue to develop their career pathways. The graduate students will also have the opportunity to polish their skills of presenting complex science to an audience of University of California San Diego undergraduates pursuing an Earth Sciences major.

As part of a cross-center collaborative effort, this COSEE California workshop is the final in a series of four workshops in which COSEE-OS teams with other Centers to implement the successful COSEE-OS Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative workshop model (first implemented in Jan-Feb 2010) in their regions. Each Center has adapted the original model to suit the particular needs of scientists and graduate students in their regions and institutions.

Contact Name: Carla Companion
Contact Phone: (207) 563-8175
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