Museum of Discovery and Science Lecture Series: Michael Robinson “Why Are Reef Fishes So Colorful?”
Date: 08/16/12 2:30pm - 08/16/12 3:00pm
Location: Museum of Discovery and Science, 401 SW 2nd St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Michael Robinson

Coral reef fishes are bright and wildly colorful. Although scientists have puzzled over the reasons behind their extreme colors for more than a century, modern technology has begun to explain what these brilliant colors mean to the fish themselves. Some colors are used for camouflage and others to advertise a fish's "job." Some color combinations are used for camouflage and advertisement at the same time! Dr. Robinson will present some of the latest information on reef fish colors and what they mean to the fish that have them.

Contact Name: Museum of Discovery and Science
Contact Phone: 954-467-6637

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