Museum of Discovery and Science World Ocean Weekend: John Scarpa “What’s In Your Clam Chowder?”
Date: 06/10/12 1:30pm - 06/10/12 2:00pm
Location: Museum of Discovery and Science, 401 SW 2nd St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

John Scarpa

Aquaculture is the culture of aquatic organisms for food, fun or pharmaceuticals. Aquaculture currently provides about 50% of all seafood consumed globally. In just two decades, hard clam (aka, quahog) aquaculture in Florida has grown from relative economic insignificance to an environmentally friendly industry worth over $50 million to the state's economy. Dr. Scarpa will take you on a journey of the Florida aquacultured clam industry and how an aquacultured clam eventually ends up in your clam chowder.

Contact Name: Museum of Discovery and Science
Contact Phone: 954-467-6637

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