Museum of Discovery and Science Lecture Series: Vincent Encomio “The Sound of Science: What Oyster Reefs May Be Telling Us About the Environment”
Date: 08/19/12 1:30pm - 08/19/12 2:00pm
Location: Museum of Discovery and Science, 401 SW 2nd St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Vincent Encomio

In 2009 a basin-wide oyster reef restoration project was completed in the St. Lucie River to redress historic losses in this southern Indian River Lagoon estuary. Dr. Encomio used passive acoustic technology to monitor biological sound production on these reefs. Passive acoustics uses the naturally occurring sounds produced by the animals that live in the reefs. Some animals like the naked goby, snapping shrimp and toadfish intentionally produced sounds to communicate during mating, aggression and feeding. Other animals produced sounds incidentally while swimming, moving and feeding. Florida Oceanographic Society scientists use the sounds all these animals produce to obtain information about the oyster reef, which may convey information about the reef’s health and the success of a restoration project.

Contact Name: Museum of Discovery and Science
Contact Phone: 954-467-6637

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