TEK Collaboration with Pacific Partnerships
Date: 07/29/13 - 08/02/13
Location: Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

One of the objectives of COSEE-TEK as a national, thematic Center was to work with partners to develop meaningful ways to integrate ocean technologies into other Center's activities. The Center is currently partnering with COSEE – Pacific Partnerships with its focus on Community Colleges to develop and implement a week-long workshop focused on some of the ocean technology activities that COSEE-TEK developed and honed in previous years. The workshops will provide 16 Community College faculty with the opportunity to build their own hydrophones and Basic Observation Buoys. Researchers from both COSEE’s will provide background information on acoustics and acoustic technologies, benthic ecology and observation technologies. The faculty will learn hands-on skills such as audio and image analysis using freely available software that can be used back in the classroom with their students. An additional goal is to have the faculty develop educational resources that can be used in the classroom setting, applying the technologies they constructed or using online resources.

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Contact Name: Ivar Babb
Contact Phone: 860-405-9121
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